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some cool pictures to look at

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Thanx for the pics. I have been thinking about getting those eyelids.
that picture of the TT is funny because that car does look like the end of a tire!!

Does anyone know where to get those Eyebrows...( Eyelids ) depending where your from..????????
You said tires - assuming that is what you meant, they must be Bridgestone Potenzas based on the decal on the front bumper. The RE71s have always been a great value, but I think they may have finally replaced them. they tried once before and got so much mail the delayed the action.

If you had intended to ask about the wheels - well - nevermind.

i like the body kit on the yellow IS ....
i want something subtle, but just an aggressive look... i can't wait until they
have more options for body kits.

i like the stereo install as well...
i'm thinking of bumping up the speakers... but keeping the stock head unit.

i'm just rambling again...

IS300 (white)
loaded w/o LSD
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What kind of rims is on the yellow is300 with the hood open not the trunk one
i think the two models on the right are the better looking ones, of the 5 of them anywyas.....
there's an IS in those pics???

2001 IS300 Graphite Grey
98 MB CLK 320 white
94 Supra TT/6-speed/HardTop/black
90 Integra pearl white
C'mon fess up.... whose is it?
It's not mine. Mine's gray... and besides, I don't know that many chix. heh heh... just kidding.


...yet another proud owner of a fully loaded Graphite Gray Pearl '01 IS300
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This girl's is in another league though:

Originally posted by mrclam:
i think the two models on the right are the better looking ones, of the 5 of them anywyas.....
Yikes!!! That's nice. Good lookin out. I thought that was from Hot Import nights in San Diego on Sat - I was kicking myself for not going. Glad to hear you got it off the web.

Graphite - fully loaded w/ chrome 17'z
<still waiting on Area 51 for boost!!!>
All I have to say about the chic with here ass hanging out is...........PRICELESS......

Proud owner of a SOLAR IS 300, 2001
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1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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