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Amsoil two stage filter. Purchased new, used for 30k. Looks great, filters GREAT. About twice as thick as PLP, which I have in there now. Reason for selling? picked up a PLP filter to try it out, no use for both. Just washed and re-oiled with UNI filter oil. Light surface rust on the back cage (left over from when I washed it) which does not affect performance.

Note: You will need to remove your spring clips in the airbox to use this. You should keep them if you revert back to stock, which I could not see anyone doing. There are 4 clips, and they are easy to remove, but thought I should mention.

New $35

Up for sale $10 + Shipping (USPS Priority, 2lbs)

Price Drop *FREE* you pay ship.

Perfect for those who have the stock filter and just want a reusable one that filters but flows much better than stock.

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