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Hi. I'm new to the board. Just wanted to say hello and I've enjoyed reading everyone's insight for the most part. A bit of info I'd like to share...

1. I've checked out the 2002's at a few dealers here in the Western part of L.A. So far it seems that dealers have gotten 'samples' of the car, but not much. 2. Everywhere I go they seem to have 3 or 4 models, 1 fully loaded with Nav, 1 or 2 base models, and maybe a Wagon or so. Looks to me like initially they are showing off the Red, Yellow, and Blue colors. I can't find a fully loaded Silver on black yet.
3. I am told by most that they will be asking close to sticker and not much less due to the demand. A broker told me that I might even have to wait 2-3 months for a Silver on black w/Nav to come in.

Anyways, the car looks great, and the improvements make it worth buying over a left over '01.

Happy to be aboard!
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