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Snow Tire Options

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Well, I just got back from Bar Harbor, Maine. The Nippy Season is coming. I was thinking about racking my 17" wheels in favor of some stylish 16" with sport snow tires. Any suggestions?
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hey, Groton, I am trying to pick some 16" rims too.. can't really decide..What do you think about the konig burner? . Its cheap but I think its more appropriate for civic..
I Like Konig Rate-R a lot! but its over my budget...
I think I will either go for Konig Burner or Konig Flight

btw.. are you a highschool teacher? there are many highschools in Groton (eg. groton highschool, Lawrence academy, etc)
I am a Sales Rep for a German company. Surprise! There are 3 HS in Groton. The public, Lawrence acad., and The Groton School for those with plenty of cash.
haha.. I went to Lawrence Academy for highschool
Oh yeah, the wheels. I have been a little out of touch on what is available. Cheap is good, but let's avoid the civic crowd. I was thinking of maybe the AMG/loriser style. Any thoughts?
Did you play hockey? Steve Lussier ring a bell?
nope, I was not a hockey player
so what wheels are you looking at ? anything nice?
Gotta go. I will let you know what I come up with.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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