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I live in Fl and I will be in Atlant for Xmas, I have been told 3 inches of snow are on the ground in the 'hot city'.
Should I drive my is3 or
mom's volvo all wheel drive cross country sport wagon?

please advise...
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Take the Volvo. It will probably get better mileage too.
Take the volvo. But if your mom is going to drive your car in the meantime, take your car...but only if you know how to drive in snow.

It's an art form if you've never done it before.
There was some snow left over from last night here in DC and I struggled in my IS (17" summer tires) on the smaller streets even in SNOW mode this morning. Definetly take the Volvo.
Grab the Volvo... it ain't worth it.

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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