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small lights next to the HID

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has anyone seen those lights at all?
those small ones a little about and to the side of the HID lights. any idea that those are for? i cant figure it out
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Originally posted by GMoney:
If i can remember correctly, i think someone said that it was there to control the blueness of the HID light when it is turned on...i am not 100% sure though.

I hate to say it, but try doing a search

incorrect.. the city lights do not have anywhere near enough wattage to change the color of our HID's.. you could put any color in there and it won't change a damn thing about the HID's.. trust me. i've tried blue, red, purple, hyperwhite, etc. also, since these lights are so small, its hard to even if you have an illegal color in would be hard for a cop to notice..unless you're driving in the dark late at night behind a cop with only your parking lights on...
damn bro..thats some bad luck. i've had red ones in which are highly illegal and been right next to cops.. in front of me, behind me, next to me.. u get the point.. since i had the HID's on.. they really didn't notice the little red dot on the inside.. the cop that gave you the ticket was out to get you.. or someone for that matter.. but then again.. it could just be location.. i have the piaa blue ones in right now..and cops have given me the thumbs up in parking lots... guess it all depends on the cop.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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