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The last complete generation of Lexus’s popular RX crossover hit the market for model-year 2010 and ran until model-year 2015, before being replaced by an all-new unit for 2016.

Standard V6 power was on board, as were two rows of seating and a flexible cargo area. Top-line luxury amenities and trimmings were applied for an upscale and versatile luxury driving experience. Both conventional gasoline and hybrid-powered models were available. The RX was available in front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, while AWD was standard in Canada.

Consider the RX alongside comparable competitors from BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Acura and Infiniti. The RX makes a compelling used buy for a shopper whose priorities center around a world-class luxury motoring experience with performance to spare. Extra confidence comes from the brand’s strong reputation for reliability and resale values. Buyers of new small crossovers may be surprised to see a secondhand Lexus RX appear in their price range, making this powerful and spacious luxury vehicle a viable alternative to smaller, newer vehicles.
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