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I seen that car. The guy told me he wants $19,500 for it. :rolleyes:

Keep in mind, you have to buy a new 2004 instrument cluster (he has a 2002 in there which DOES NOT have the Maintenance light! :jawDrop: ), the radio and ac gauges are 2002 as well. I personally wouldn't buy it since he half-assed it. I agree theft recovery's are a good buy compared to "impact salvage" but the "not actual mileage" kills it! You'd have a hard time selling the car if you ever had to. Just my two cents.....

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Oh, and he didn't get the 2004 headlights or tail lights. Kinda shady how it has chrome tails yet 2004-2005 have a different tail color. This is a fishy buy. I'd run away!!!!!!!!!!

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^^ wow did you know all of that? how come he didn't mention those in the description.

yeah ..headlights and tail lights are stolen. so i think he didn't replace those with 2004 lights??

"Speedometer, front head lights, stereo and wheels were stolen from the car."

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If you want the car get it. I have an 02 theft that had things missing including the speedometer. It has been a dream for the past 1.5 years. No problem at all. Just put it this way your the smart one for saving money. Use the extra money you didn't have to fork out on a turbo kit. DIY headlights and tails.

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he didnt replace the stolen parts with parts from a car of that exact year. doesnt mean that its "fishy" or "shady" or even "half-assed." Many people wouldnt see the differences between the parts, but they are in working order, and "brand new" as he states it. how they could be brand new is beyond me, but if he lets it go for $15,100 (what the bid is now) or anything close to that, you DEFINITELY have a good deal on your hands. Just drive it until it dies and never try to sell it.

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ALERT! Severe problems (major accidents, fire, flood damage, major odometer problems or lemon history) were reported by a Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for this 2004 LEXUS IS 300 (JTHBD192340090109). This vehicle does NOT qualify for the CARFAX Buyback Guarantee.

CARFAX Talking CarTM
The story of this 2004 LEXUS IS 300 (JTHBD192340090109) according to our interpretation of the information reported to CARFAX:
This sedan has had 2 owners and was owned in Texas. It was originally registered by the owner for personal use.
It was severely damaged and issued a Salvage and Junk title by a DMV.
It was issued a Not Actual Mileage title by a Texas DMV. This title is issued when the owner discloses mileage fraud or a broken odometer.
It was not reported by a DMV as a Manufacturer Buyback or LEMON.
Its original manufacturer warranty was voided after it was severely damaged.
Go to the Detailed Vehicle History for the complete history and a glossary of terms.

Report Summary

Total Loss Check Severe Accident or Total Loss Event Reported by a DMV
Other Accident Indicators No Accident Indicators Reported

Truth-In-Mileage Check Odometer Problems Reported by a DMV
Odometer Rollback Check No Potential Odometer Rollback Found
Mileage Consistency Check No Inconsistent Odometer Reading Found
No Mfr. Buyback Reported by a DMV

Number of Owners 2 Estimated Owner(s)
Type of Owners Originally Registered as a Personal Vehicle
LEXUS Does Not Report Recalls to CARFAX
Warranty Voided
Tell us what you know about this vehicle

Year/Make/Model: 2004 LEXUS IS 300

Body Style: SEDAN 4 DR
Engine: 3.0L L6 SFI DOHC 24V
Manufactured in: JAPAN
Safety Equipment: 4 wheel ABS, Running Lights, Dual air bags front, head, and sides/active (manual) belts with automatic passenger sensor

Standard Equipment: Power Windows, Power Steering, Air Conditioning, AM / FM Cassette, Power Brakes, Power sun / moon roof, Tilt Wheel, 6-digit Odometer

FREE to you from CARFAX. Additional information to help you make the right decision when buying or selling a used car or truck.


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Total Loss Check:

ALERT! Severe damage events were reported by a DMV for this 2004 LEXUS IS 300 (JTHBD192340090109). This vehicle does NOT qualify for the CARFAX Buyback Guarantee.

Salvage Title Reported No Loss Due To Fire Title Reported
Junk Title Reported No Flood Damage Title Reported
No Rebuilt/Reconstructed Title Reported No Hail Damage Title Reported
No Dismantled Title Reported No Canadian Total Loss Record Reported

Other Accident Indicators:

This 2004 LEXUS IS 300 (JTHBD192340090109) had no accident indicators reported to CARFAX from its sources. This section checks for accidents and/or related damage reported from many public and private sources. Not all accidents are reported to CARFAX. A vehicle inspection completed by your dealer or professional mechanic is recommended.

No Salvage Auction Record Reported No Crash Test Vehicle Record Reported
No Fire Damage Record Reported No Airbag Deployment Record Reported
No Frame Damage Record Reported No Damage Disclosure Record Reported
No Police Accident Record Reported No Collision Repair Facility Record Reported

CARFAX depends on public and private sources for its accident data. Each one of these sources has different processing times. CARFAX can only report what is in our database on 03.Oct.2005 22:44:52. New data will result in a change to this report.
Not all accidents are reported to the Police. Tell us if you know of other fender benders, accidents or damage.

CARFAX Help Center

Truth-In-Mileage Check:

ALERT! Major odometer problems were reported by a DMV under the Truth-In-Mileage Act for this 2004 LEXUS IS 300 (JTHBD192340090109). This vehicle does NOT qualify for the CARFAX Buyback Guarantee.

Not Actual Mileage Title - issued by DMV when the owner discloses mileage fraud or a broken odometer.
Exceeds Mechanical Limits Title - issued by DMV when the owner discloses an odometer rollover.

Odometer Rollback Check:

CARFAX found no odometer rollbacks for this 2004 LEXUS IS 300 (JTHBD192340090109). Rollbacks reported in this section originate from readings collected by a DMV or other verifiable source.

Mileage Consistency Check:

CARFAX found no inconsistent odometer readings in the mileage history of this 2004 LEXUS IS 300 (JTHBD192340090109).

Date: Mileage:
05/22/2004 10
06/01/2005 12,000

Do you know this vehicle's current mileage? Tell us and help protect others from mileage fraud.

CARFAX Help Center

No manufacturer buyback was ever reported by a DMV for this 2004 LEXUS IS 300 (JTHBD192340090109).

CARFAX Help Center

Ownership History:

CARFAX estimates that this 2004 LEXUS IS 300 (JTHBD192340090109) had 2 owner(s). CARFAX analyzed this vehicle's title history and other supporting events to identify potential ownership transfers. In compliance with the U.S. privacy laws, CARFAX does not collect or report owner names or addresses.

Estimated Owners: Date: Location:
1st owner 05/22/2004 Texas
2nd owner 06/01/2005 Texas

Types of Owners:

This 2004 LEXUS IS 300 (JTHBD192340090109) was checked for 8 types of registrations.

Personal Use Registration Reported No Fleet Registration Reported
No Lease Registration Reported No Commercial Registration Reported
No Rental Registration Reported No Non-Profit Registration Reported
No Taxi Registration Reported No Built to Non U.S. Standards Record Reported

Do you have information about how this vehicle was used or driven? Tell us what you know.

CARFAX Help Center

LEXUS does not report recall information for specific vehicles to CARFAX.
Go to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for a list of all the safety recalls issued for the 2004 LEXUS IS 300. You can also contact an authorized dealership or LEXUS at 1-800-255-3987 to find out if this 2004 LEXUS IS 300 (JTHBD192340090109) still has recalls that require repair.

CARFAX Help Center

The original manufacturer warranty for this 2004 LEXUS IS 300 (JTHBD192340090109) was most likely voided when this vehicle was severely damaged.
CARFAX used time only to calculate the remaining warranty coverage because mileage problems were found in this vehicle's history. See Mileage Accuracy Check.

Estimated start date of warranty: 04/26/2004
Last reading reported on 06/01/2005: True mileage unknown
Today's Date: October 3, 2005

Type of Coverage: Original Warranty: Estimated Remaining Coverage:
Basic 48 months or 50,000 miles Void
Drivetrain 72 months or 70,000 miles Void
Emissions 24 months or 24,000 miles Void
Corrosion 72 months or unlimited mileage Void
Transferable Transferable at no cost Void
Roadside Assistance 48 months or unlimited mileage Void
Safety Belt & Inflatable Restraint 72 months or 70,000 miles Void
Specific Components 96 months or 80,000 miles 79 months
Notes: Manufacturer covers emissions components under basic warranty. Emissions coverage may vary by state. Refer to owners manual for specific details. Transferable: no cost, unlimited owners covered. First two maintenance services are at no charge. Alignment and wheel balance are limited to 1 years or 20,000 miles. Basic warranty includes surface corrosion and batteries. Adjustments covered beginning with 1999 model year.

CARFAX Warranty Check provides an estimate of this vehicle's remaining warranty coverage. It does not take into account some vehicle history events. For example, major accidents resulting in Salvage or Junk titles that may void the original manufacturer warranty or ownership transfers that may decrease warranty coverage. This warranty information is only valid for vehicles manufactured for sale in the US. Complete warranty coverage information is available for this vehicle at the LEXUS web site.

CARFAX Help Center

CARFAX searched more than 3 billion records from over 5,300 sources and found 6 record(s) for this 2004 LEXUS IS 300 (JTHBD192340090109).

Mileage Reading:
General Comments:

04/10/2004 NICB
Vehicle manufactured and shipped to original

04/26/2004 Texas
Motor Vehicle Dept.
Dallas, TX
Registered as
personal vehicle

05/22/2004 10 Texas
Motor Vehicle Dept.
Dallas, TX
Title #04332438118121156
Title issued or updated
Registration issued or renewed
First owner reported
Loan or lien reported
Passed safety inspection

06/01/2005 12,000 Texas
Motor Vehicle Dept.
Grand Prairie, TX
Title #29721038502113721
New owner reported

A NAM title is issued when the owner discloses mileage fraud or a broken odometer to a DMV. The actual mileage of this vehicle is unknown.

Mileage reported after this reading is potentially unreliable.

06/30/2005 Texas
Motor Vehicle Dept.

09/11/2005 Private Owner
Richardson, TX
Vehicle offered for

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Salvage and Junk Title were issued, and it carries no warranty so basically its like buying 4 or 5 year old car. what you see is what you get

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no car in that shape would still carry warranty. it's basically like buyin an 01/02 (which you could BARELY find for the price anyways) and dealing with it. If u buy it and shit goes wrong, ill buy it from u in a year for $10,000, PROMISE, haha. at least thats all u will have to worry about.
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