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I have owned 2 navi units so far..

magellan (basic model) and garmin

out of those two, i have found garmin the best. I have not tested with tomtom but just check reviews to see how it is. Magellan for me took forever to load and refind a route if i got lost. Garmin was really quick and really accurate.

Also depends on what model you get.. there are models with 3 inch screens to 5+ inch with diffrent features...

-Live weather
-Live traffic
-street reading voice active (says the street names)
-Bluetooth capability

stuff like that. Depends on what you are looking for. A small basic unit goes for 100-150 dollars while a bigger and more featured units are 150-300 dollars.

if you drive ALOT and need ur gps everyday, you might want to spend a bit so it is reliable.

If you just need it here and there and have a sense of where you are going, you might not need to.

good luck finding a good gps.. theres alot out there
1 - 2 of 2 Posts