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what a waste. i was cruising by myself down saviers (local cruise strip) which is 3 lanes wide and I was in the far left lane and there was an older 4 door in the middle with five or so in the car and a newer mitsubishi or infinity looking car with 4 or 5 in the car in the right lane...i guess one of those cars was "hitting" the other up, (gang sh;t, "where you from? what chu claim?") but they couldnt have said much cause the light changed... anyways the car in the middle lane throws a cub or something out the window at the car in the right lane and then we get to the next light...all of a sudden two or three guys get out and start throwing stuff at the car in the right lane, shatters the guy's back window and i hear a POP, could have been the glass breaking or a gunshot, i only remember hearing one, but sh;t it scared the crap out of me. the car in the right lane pulls a right turn and almost gets hit, the car in the left lane chases still tripping out cause this type of sh;t doesnt happen every day here, everyone is stunned and the light changes....i step on it still heart pounding and get to my friends house...drop my car off at my house and head to the races...get pulled over, let go with warning so we head back to saviers which is 15 minutes away...pass by the spot and see broken glass and a cops ever came...i dont think the cops even;t thats wrong, stupid punks ruining it for everyone. i dont even want to cruise back there again.
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