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Hi, I have about 3800 miles on my car now and I've had the hesitation prob and Lexus has ordered a replacement ecu for it. My problem when I accel, every shifting is very noticable and it jolts you forward a littlebit. As a manual car would when you shift. But this was not a problme before. Is it because the car has learned my drivin habits? ( I push my car a lot and rev it very high, I also have my ECT on all the time) If so, how can I change it? I heared that I can reset the ECU but how much will it need before it relearns my driving habits again? 50 miles or 2000 miles? Any of you other people have this jolting problem? Even when I try to accel as soft as I can, It shows up. It wasn't there before. HELP!!
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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