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shifting quirks..

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i've had my is300 for about 2 weeks now.. sometimes when i'm accelerating from a stop i notice that in between gears the car seems to lose all rpms for a moment then shifts into the next gear at which time the rpms jump back up and the car lurches forward.. sometimes the pause is as much as 5-6 seconds.. its quite odd.. only does it a couple of times a week.. is this a problem with my car or have others experienced this as well?
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Sometimes when you are in between releasing the gas and pressing the gas, there is a slight hesitation...otherwise, everything is fast.

OR I maybe a bit too crucial...

this car is perfect.
I think thats pretty much the nature of the beast.
I have a similar problem - not for 5/6 secs - but for a second. It is happens a couple of times a day. I will have the dealer look at it at 1K. Annoying, but hopefully correctable.

I have the same problem sometimes that I think is what your describing. It really only happens when I come to a stop fairly slowly and then try and take off much faster...

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The transmission is going through it's learned memory process. Give it about 2,000 miles and I'll bet the shifting will change as it learns. Mine did the same thing.
I got the same problem too...that hesitation in between shifting from 2nd to 3rd. It's a split second but when it shifts the car lurches forward like crazy.

To get rid of this, I turn on the ECT PWR button. I haven't gotten this problem ever with this on. To test, I turned the button "off" and the next day the hesitation problem came back. Turning it back on and it hasn't come back. Extremely weird and disconcerting considering this is a Lexus and the transmission is supposed to one of the selling points of owning a Lexus (i.e., the smoothness of its shifts).

P.S. I have about 9300 miles on the car.

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