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I was due for regularly scheduled maintenance that was "pretty much the same" as the last 5,000 service...only this time it was going to be more than double the price. I questioned the person why, and asked to see a breakdown of the pricing. All I was shown was a named list of items to be done without a price (parts and labor). So I tried to figure things out by asking, "How much is it to install an air filter?"

The reply was, "It's free."

"Well then, how much is an air filter?"

"About a hundred dollars."

Needless to say, I felt bent over. Before I took it up the wazoo, I said I felt uncomfortable and that I wanted to call around.

"It's your car. You're welcome to leave."

I did. The first dealership was $90 less and the next said the basic service was $153. Cha ching!!! I saved more than $250.

(By the way. The cost of an air filter at the dealership I went to: $29.95
+ $11 installation... and I didn't even need it this time around... just the basic service at 15,000 miles is what they recommended.)
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