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September Auto Sales Results

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I just took a look at the automotive sales numbers for September. It was a good month for Lexus and a horrible month for BMW. Lexus sold 16,888 cars (compared to 13,674 in September of 1999).

BMW only sold 4,760 cars this September (compared to 8,610 car in September 1999). The 3-series and Z3 both got spanked really bad.

Lexus sold 2,445 IS300s compared to only 1,641 3-series BMWs.

One thing that really caught my attention was the fact that the new Nissan Sentra's sales are almost triple those of the previous body style.
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I just checked out that automotive industry webpage and they fail to mention a lot of the 3-series models.. the number there only indicates sales of the 323i and 328i.. it doesnt list all the other models that the press release does.. so BMW still sold more 3-series in September..
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Are you a TAM in Los Angeles, or does your name mean something else ? if it does.. forgive me.. I still have work on my mind..
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