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Second thoughts about getting IS300...

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Geez reading all these messages about the cars who get vandalized is making me pretty nervous to get mine. Especially since I'll be living in an apartment where anybody could see my car. I know that incidents are most likely random and could happen no matter what car I drive, but I've been driving a bland honda civic for the past 5 years, a car like the IS is bound to draw extra attention.

I'm interested in finding a shock sensor that'll work with the factory key. I tried to do a search but it seems everything that has the word alarm in it is about remote start which I don't want, just want a shock sensor. Any clues?
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Why are you on this board anyways 3 series. I mean it's obvious you don't care fo the car anyways.
Personally I have had no problems with my car. As far as dozens of problems, I would like to see you name 1 dozen, then we will work on the 2nd dozen you speak of.
And lack of power, what the F are you talkig about. Can you explain what you would be comparing it to.Compared to a Dodge Viper I would say yes there is a lack of power, but how about comparing it to its competition. The 3 series you can actually say the IS has a LACK of power is the M3, which Imaight ay is a differnent price range in case you haven't noticed!
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well III Series, I'm glad you skipped over the facts and went straight t the nwbies reply instead.
I have to disagree with the newbie also. There was an M3 at the light today and I turned my head. I have to admit the new blue is kinda hot! I would not have paid much attention otherwise.
I agree with you completely about opinions, But III Series did not state opinions.

Dozens of problems would not be an opinion. A fact must be stated in order for there to be a problem. I would not be an opinion is my hood flew off the car, that would be fact.

A lack of performance is not an opinion either. take the numbers and compare them to it's competition. The FACT is none of them have a lack of performance.

If someone can find what opinions were made by III Series or better yet find the facts to back up III Series claims, I would be satisfied!

I am not trying to start an arguement, but more trying to understand what he is talking about. Keep in mind al III Series basically has said here is: Don't buy an IS300 because I don't like it.
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