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Second thoughts about getting IS300...

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Geez reading all these messages about the cars who get vandalized is making me pretty nervous to get mine. Especially since I'll be living in an apartment where anybody could see my car. I know that incidents are most likely random and could happen no matter what car I drive, but I've been driving a bland honda civic for the past 5 years, a car like the IS is bound to draw extra attention.

I'm interested in finding a shock sensor that'll work with the factory key. I tried to do a search but it seems everything that has the word alarm in it is about remote start which I don't want, just want a shock sensor. Any clues?
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Come on, Izz, if the dozens of problems and lack of performance doesnt bother you, and your only concern is vandalism, youre in pretty good shape. Get yourself a car cover, and try to park somewhere bright.
Good try, newbie. You need to check your facts before speaking from your ass though.

It just so happens that at one point in time, I had an IS. If it hadnt been bought for me as a Xmas gift, I never would have spent my own money on one. And, if I HAD wasted my money, I would have been highly pissed, and sold it with a quickness.

As for the BMW comment, that doesnt apply to me since I dont have one. I, like the automotive world, know which is the superior car, however.

Originally posted by lexluger:
3 series only wished he had an IS. Bimmers barely even turn heads anymore.
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