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Second thoughts about getting IS300...

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Geez reading all these messages about the cars who get vandalized is making me pretty nervous to get mine. Especially since I'll be living in an apartment where anybody could see my car. I know that incidents are most likely random and could happen no matter what car I drive, but I've been driving a bland honda civic for the past 5 years, a car like the IS is bound to draw extra attention.

I'm interested in finding a shock sensor that'll work with the factory key. I tried to do a search but it seems everything that has the word alarm in it is about remote start which I don't want, just want a shock sensor. Any clues?
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Originally posted by s0yb0mb:
///series is entitled to his opinion, and he isn't here to troll so keep the flaming to a minimum... I've got issues w/ my IS too, but I love it for what it is, and don't expect more from it.
It's all about what you want and being secure in your decision. I tested the bmw 325, 330, and a 328 (in 2000), a A4 and the IS.

The IS won, obviously, but not on one point in particular. Everyone has their own "equation" in their head, where they weight each aspect of cars, and calculate what suits them best based on this equation. I found cost to be important, so that weighed heavily against the 330 which was much more with all else being equal, and performance was only marginally better.

Without getting long winded, as this is not an easy decision, I think you should ignore the "vandalism stories" you see on the boards because this car is just as much a target as any other IMHO.

Well said!!
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