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Here are the pictures from Friday's Meet for Kane's Birthday. I started a new post because it is Semi-NWS for some and wanted to keep the other one WS. So if anybody else has Hooter Girls to post...please post them in here. Sorry it took so long because I had to resize and do red-eye reduction on them! Unlike some meets in Cali...when we have a Hooter's meet in Seattle...we actually take pictures of the Hooter's Girls!! :wink: Some of these pictures were taken by Jeff Lee and the rest by me. I think you guys know which ones I took :lol: So here they are 800x600 for you guys...the originals are 2200x1700 for me! :D j/k Let me know which # you want as the original size and I will post a link to them later. They will have red-eyes so you have to edit them. I'm sure you will want the big version of Beth spread all over your hood Al....Bastard!!! :whine: Don't forget to tip some "Dots" if you like! 8)

#1 Okay let's get the car pictures out of the way. A couple at Alki Beach at night. Is it just me or do the cars look like toy models?


#3 Now for the good stuff! The beautiful....mmmmm Lauren :p and the ugly....Kane! Nice tits btw man! :lol:

#4 did that pix get in there :oops:

#5 Da girls and Al's IS. Notice how Jeff decide's to include the IS in the pictures? :lol:

#6 Da girls and Frank's IS

#7 Da girls and Derek's IS

#8 Da girls and "Hazy"

#9 Da girls and Kane's IS

#10 Da girls and Jeff's IS

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#11 Da girls and Alex's SportX

#12 Beth on Al's Hood :whine:

#13 Another one of Beth on Al's hood...share the wealth mang! :bitching: At least it's a MSM and you can't see the wheels so I can claim it's mine :lol:

#14 Lauren and some ghey guy that got in the pix and ruined it! :pissed: j/k Jeff

#15 Lauren and the Birfday Boy. I've never seen Kane grin like a Chinaman before :lol: WOW Lauren is sooo HAWT :p :p

#16 Damn've got bigger tits than her!

#17 Kane preparing to do a lil dance

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#18 I think Kane was dancing...but who cares!!! How about a close-up of Lauren! :p

#19 Ok...if you guys really want to see him dance :lol: I'm sending this one to your momma Kane!

#20 Make up your own comment for this one :lol:

#21 Now here are my versions of the pictures outside...notice extra zoom and No IS's in my pix. For sure I deserve DOTS for these!!! :crazy:

#22 Diana is pretty cute too 8)

#23 8) :chill:

#24 :p :p :p :p :p Can you spot the IS? :lol:


#26 Ok Al...if you want the BIG version, it'll cost you dots! :lol: Why couldn't that be my car? :whine:
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