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Hi ladies and gents,

I am getting my silver this weekend. I like to tint the window. But I don't know anything about tint. How do they tint it? Is it some kind of film you put on the windows or it it some kind of spray?
Also what's titanium or gold tint? different color?

Know any good tinting place?
What percetage should I do on silver (don't want it to hinder the visibility while driving at night)?
What's the cost?
How long does it last?
Can you take it off if you don't like it for some reason?

As you can tell, I am very ignorant about cars. Sorry about that.

Thanks in advance.


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Good choice of color! Trust me as soon as it starts raining again, you'll be glad you got a lighter color.

Dark colors also tend to show scratches more than lighter ones. I had 2 black cars before the IS and I am glad to get the Silver.

BTW, 35% is the legal limit for tinting in Washington.
For other tinting questions, goto

So which dealer are you picking it up from? Bellevue, Seattle or Fife?

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