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You know how the game works...

A relative is dying. She asks for help to die with dignity. Assisting suicide is a criminal offense. Do you help?

A friend calls it "the best entertainment in town." He uses a scanner to listen to lovers talking on cell phones. Do you do it?

You're selling your house because of constant noise from the rooming house next door. Potential buyers ask why you're selling. Do you tell them?

You like and respect your boss. He's fired unfairly and you're asked to take his place. Do you?

You're a cop. Fellow cops are selling illegal drugs. The Chief's in on it. Do you blow the whistle?

You and a colleague are competing for a promotion. You discover he made a serious mistake which can be corrected. Do you alert him?

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#1: If there was ABSOLUTELY no way this person was going to recover, then yes I would.

#2: HELL NO.

#3: Probably not.

#4: Not sure. I’d like to say no, but really not sure. Would depend on situation.

#5: Yes I would. Anonomously though.

#6: Yes.

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Wow look how moral you are.

1) Yes I would, if they asked.
2) Sure why not, but I wouldn't buy the equipment.
3) Hell no.
4) You bet, 'slong as the pay's good and you also respect your ex-boss' boss.
5) Hell yes, anonymously and only if I couldn't be connected to it.
6) No way. My colleagues are not my friends.

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#1: If there was no chance of recovery and they are in constant pain, then yes. Otherwise, no, I try to help them discover what there is in life worth living for.

#2: No, I don't care much for eavesdropping on phone conversations.

#3: Not unless they specifically ask.

#4: Probably not. If they fire him unfairly and it's brought to their attention but they do nothing to remedy it, what's to stop them from doing the same to me? The friendship is more important.

#5: Yup.

#6: Yup.

Damn it's too early in the morning for this. :boring:

Chocolate Goodness
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#1 No I won't. It goes against my believes. We have no right to take
our own lives nor others.

#2 No. I am more than 12 years old

#3 I wouldn't tell them but I would try no to lie to sell the house.
Something like personal preference or whatever.

#4 I would. If they asked me my opinion about everything, I would tell
them I think my ex boss was not properly treated; I always say
what I think (as professionaly as I can).

#5 Yes I would. A cop and drug dealer. I would be as bad as them
if I let this happen.

#6 Sure. If I found out, I would tell him. I would probably be friends
with him/her anyways.

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1. Yes, like you said, if it's a lost cause and painful (and I couldn't get busted).

2. Yeah, I'd probably listen for a few minutes, and then tell him he's retarded and that it's not a good idea (and probably illegal).

3. I wouldn't sell my house just for that reason, so I'd only give the other reasons. "Loud neighbors" is a subjective term.

4. Probably, depending on the situation, and while doing his job, be frantically looking somewhere else. We're in a recession, you know, jobs aren't easy to come by....

5. Anonymously, yes.

6. Yes.
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