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Well, had the time this weekend to try and install this TA07SR radio harness that I was a recent guiea pig of.........

My thoughts are:

1. Very easy to install
2. Instructions are very vague
3. Plug it in to the stock harness, little green light blinks but.....

Called their customer help line, and the guy I talked to said right away that it wasn't going work. I asked him if the light should blink or be solidly on, he said it should blink, like I was getting. Then I tried to ask him some more questions but he said it just doesn't work. :confused:

What is weird is the packaging says it fits some Lexus vehicles with JBL system and not the Mark Levinson system. I thought that my 03 IS300 non Nav had the JBL system, so I thought this would work, it looks just like the Metra harness does???????

So I am just wondering if anyone else has run into this or am I the first to experience this????

Any input would be greatly appreciated, Thank you in advance!!:p
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