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I just hit the 15k mark, so that means another service appointment. I
was checking around the local Lexus Dealerships (Silver Spring,
Rockville, Alexandria) and they all seem to want around $400 for it.
Seems a lot for a glorified oil change, tire rotation, and fluid
check. I heard that we don't have to get it serviced at a Lexus
dealership. As long as we keep some type of receipt showing that we
had it serviced somewhere, the warranty should stay valid, or so I've

Has anyone tried getting their IS serviced from anyone but the
dealership? Is there such thing as Lexus-certified independent
service shops?

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Lexus states in the owners manual that they realize some people will want to do their own maintenance. They then refer you to the maintenance book tho refer to details on this. I sure this also pertains to having someone else do the maintenance. I do my own and in detail spell out exactly what I did with the date and the milage. I also (oil change) state the oil manufacturer and weight ie. 5W-30 and what filter manufacturer and model number.
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