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Saw an M3 today

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I went to an international car show at the Bayside Expo Center in Boston today...

There was an M3 on display there.
I understand that the M3 is technological wonder...
But I wasn't that impressed with the appearance. It didn't look too different than a 330. Thought it could have used a little more styling.

It may have been the color also. The one I saw was a turquoise color from the 80s. More like a hyper puke green. I'll see if I can get pics from my friends.
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I have the same response when I saw the Motortrend magazine today with the M3 in there. I was not impress at all, actually I was a bit disappointed. After seeing the M coupe/roadster, and M5, I was thinking the M3 should be much more aggressive both inside and out. But when I saw it, I hardly notice a different between the M and the 3 series I have drove before. It looked so plain that I really don't attract me like the other M does. I think BMW should have been more aggresive with the interior, maybe have designs similar to that of M coupe.
Is this just me or is this how most people feels?
BTW, anyone know why Motortrend's tested price for this car is over $100K? It says estimated price is $45K, but the test car's price was $120K or something? What the heck, is that a typo?
Mrclam, I believe E36 outside actually look better. And interior, well, my first impression was "isn't this the 328ci I test drove?" It just didn't give me the tickling and exciting feeling the E36 gave me when I see them, I guess maybe this is just not the car for me then.
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