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Saw an M3 today

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I went to an international car show at the Bayside Expo Center in Boston today...

There was an M3 on display there.
I understand that the M3 is technological wonder...
But I wasn't that impressed with the appearance. It didn't look too different than a 330. Thought it could have used a little more styling.

It may have been the color also. The one I saw was a turquoise color from the 80s. More like a hyper puke green. I'll see if I can get pics from my friends.
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Remember before the IS300 was released, pre-production prototypes were on display at various autoshows and previewed in some magazines (the yellow one in Automobile). Well those examples were hand built cars that were to be sent back to Japan to be destroyed (worth around $100,000 each). I'm assuming that the BMW M3 previewed in Motor Trend was also a pre-production hand built example (hence the high "as Tested" price)..... Keep in mind, that wasn't a full blown official Road Test, but more of a preview to see what it would be like. They're saving that for an actual production version available for sale here in the US.

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