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I'm using this thread to document my progress on this project.

Background: I'm more interested in performance driving than looking cool so I tend to mod my cars more towards function over fashion. Living on the island of Oahu in Hawaii, we don't have a track (shut down around 10 years ago) so autocross with the SCCA is my only performance driving outlet. My other car, a Honda S2000, was purchased due to my heavy interest in autocross. Due to the class I'm interested in and due to how good the car is out of the box, the major tuning I did is limited to suspension, bolt ons, and ecu flash.

20140427_XE220654 by satoman44, on Flickr

I was driving that car for almost 5 years when I started looking for a second car. My requirements were 4 doors, rear wheel drive, lightweight, and preferably with a v8. Unfortunately, there are no cars that seem to fit my requirements so I started at looking at LS swaps. I was looking at IS300's and G35 sedans as possible candidates. I settled on the IS300 due to the fact that it was smaller, lighter, and better built. They also feel much lighter when driving them. So after looking for 9 months, I finally found a 2004 auto sport design w/ LSD which I purchased in August 2015. It was in really bad shape so I got it for a nice price.

Untitled by satoman44, on Flickr

With any of my cars, my "stage 0" is always wheels/coilovers/audio/gauge cluster color change. So within a couple months, it looked like this.

20160415__DSC4366 by satoman44, on Flickr

The following posts will be documenting my LS swap adventure.

Current Parts List:

-Swap Kit from Dedicated Motorsports
-Stock LS1
-T56 Magnum
-RPS Carbon Twin clutch modified by Tony Mamo

-Tein Flex Z
-Tein EDFC
-Volk CE28n

-Alpine Headunit

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So looks like my thread finally got approved after a couple of weeks and I can post now.

Since the original post, I've pulled the motor, replaced gaskets and seals on the LS1, and did a test fit. I still need to trim out the center console a bit more, but otherwise, it looks tight but it does all fit.

20160423_IMG_2214 by satoman44, on Flickr

20160423_IMG_2219 by satoman44, on Flickr

20160423_IMG_2231 by satoman44, on Flickr

20160423_IMG_2251 by satoman44, on Flickr

20160423_IMG_2272 by satoman44, on Flickr

20160423_IMG_2276 by satoman44, on Flickr

20160423_IMG_2277 by satoman44, on Flickr

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Starting the maintenance on the LS1. I replaced rear cover gasket, rear crank seal, front timing cover gasket, timing chain, oil pump, and water pump gaskets (water pump looks pretty new). The modified GTO pan came with new gasket and the front sump pickup.

Stock 98 LS1
20160429_IMG_2296 by satoman44, on Flickr

Lift cover
20160430_IMG_2335 by satoman44, on Flickr

Old oil pickup
20160430_IMG_2337 by satoman44, on Flickr

New pickup
20160430_IMG_2346 by satoman44, on Flickr

Notched GTO pan
20160430_IMG_2353 by satoman44, on Flickr

20160430_IMG_2354 by satoman44, on Flickr

20160430_IMG_2362 by satoman44, on Flickr

Rear cover off
20160430_IMG_2363 by satoman44, on Flickr

Rear cover on with new gasket and rear crank seal
20160501_IMG_2369 by satoman44, on Flickr

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4th Gen Fbody Bellhousing
20160508_IMG_2426 by satoman44, on Flickr

Wide ratio T56 Magnum. This is going to be a daily driver.
20160508_IMG_2428 by satoman44, on Flickr

20160508_IMG_2439 by satoman44, on Flickr

Engine and trans mated without clutch installed for test fitting. I have a Monster LT1-S but didn't realize it was so heavy until I received it. I now have a RPS Carbon Twin lightened by Tony Mamo on the way. Anyone who wants the Monster, please PM me, I don't have enough posts to post in the marketplace.
20160508_IMG_2453 by satoman44, on Flickr

Get in there! Not bad considering I'm doing this myself without an extra set of hands.
20160508_IMG_2458 by satoman44, on Flickr

Test fit successful
20160508_IMG_2462 by satoman44, on Flickr

Console area needs more trimming. I already notched out about 4". I'll probably need a 4" rear offset shifter.
20160510_IMG_2464 by satoman44, on Flickr

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Looking great! LMK if you need some headers, I just went turbo on mine =)
Sorry, I bought the Dedicated Motorsports kit which came with his headers. I need to go search for your build, must be sick!

Not much of an update, but I've been working on it every Saturday taking care of odds n ends and waiting on parts.

Decided to do more trimming around the shifter
20160521_IMG_2573 by satoman44, on Flickr

Measuring up for driveshaft which needs to be shortened along with a new slip yoke and u-joint.
20160521_IMG_2576 by satoman44, on Flickr

Steering column removed
20160521_IMG_2581 by satoman44, on Flickr

Dedicated Motorsport IS300 swap headers test fit
20160521_IMG_2582 by satoman44, on Flickr

The space between driver side runners which the steering shaft goes through
20160521_IMG_2583 by satoman44, on Flickr

Decided on this Tony Mamo modified RPS Billet Carbon Twin after realizing the Monster LT1-S was over 50 lbs. This RPS is 30.4 lbs, should make the engine feel almost as peppy as my S2000's F22 (hopefully).
20160527_IMG_2611 by satoman44, on Flickr

Clutch cover removed
20160527_IMG_2613 by satoman44, on Flickr

20160527_IMG_2620 by satoman44, on Flickr

More detail
20160527_IMG_2622 by satoman44, on Flickr

Flywheel with carbon friction inserts
20160527_IMG_2635 by satoman44, on Flickr

Pilot bearing installed. Luckily for me, the LS1 was an auto so there was no existing pilot bearing to remove.
20160528_IMG_2640 by satoman44, on Flickr

Deburring transmission input shaft and clutch rotor per RPS installation instructions
20160528_IMG_2642 by satoman44, on Flickr

Flywheel installed, what a shame this will be never be seen once trans goes back on lol
20160528_IMG_2643 by satoman44, on Flickr

Upon measuring clearances between pressure plate and throwout bearing, I found my slave was damaged. Thus, this is where my progress has stopped for now.
20160528_IMG_2646 by satoman44, on Flickr

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Nice parts! I sure want a twin disk, but I haven't been able to do it haha. I'm glad to see everything coming together well. I think you're going to like the car a lot =)

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Yikes, I have seriously neglected this thread. Slowly moving along due to life happening. From the beginning, I only worked on it on Saturdays, so if something happens that requires my attention that day, I lose out on any progress for the week.

Let's resume:

Got my manual pedal set
20160529_IMG_2648 by satoman44, on Flickr

Figs poly steering rack bushings (bought these back before the solid ones came back into stock)
20160604_IMG_2700 by satoman44, on Flickr

20160604_IMG_2701 by satoman44, on Flickr

ABS relocation kit
20160604_IMG_2702 by satoman44, on Flickr

Drilling through firewall for clutch master
20160625_IMG_2771 by satoman44, on Flickr

Throttle cable, which needs to be shortened
20160625_IMG_2776 by satoman44, on Flickr

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Awesome log so far! I love the swap, can't wait to see how it launches after you're done! Very cool to see everything well documented thus far... Keep it up!

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Sorry guys! Progress slowed down considerably after the last post due to family things happening. I got the car running during this summer. It’s currently on stands since I redid all the bushings to super pros poly bushings through figs. I’m also changing out the fancy carbon twin disc to an easier to drive organic twin disc (monster lt1-s). I was updating my LS1tech build thread a little longer than this before it slowed as well. Once I feel the car is finally daily driveable, I should have finished pics and videos!
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