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<B>What is satellite radio anyways?</B><BR>
If you have been under a rock for the past couple of years and missed the news on satellite radio's launch, let us enlighten you. Satellite radio is just what it sounds like. Similar to satellite TV, radio signals are beamed down from space to a receiver in your car or home and played through your car or home stereo system. You receive near CD quality digital broadcasting of 100+ channels covering nearly every music genre. A monthly fee is charged by the provider of this service.<P>

<B>How do I get it?</B><BR>
First you must decide which provider to go with. There are currently two satellite radio companies you can get transmissions through. XM Radio, and Sirius. They have similar programing, although you can only use certain receiver equipment based on what provider you choose.<P>

If you want a certain brand or type of receiver, be aware that each type of receiver unit will support either XM or Sirius. We give a closer look at a few popular units later in this article.<P>

<B>Keeping your stock stereo?</B><BR>
For those of you who haven't upgraded to an aftermarket stereo or don't plan to, there are several units which can plug right up to the factory IS300 stereo. Some of them use FM modulation, which transmits a signal to an unused radio station. Tune to that station, and the satellite feed plays through. Another setup is through a tape adapter. This is similar to older portable cd player adapters.<P>

<B>Aftermarket stereo connection</B><BR>
If you have upgraded your factory head unit, you can still use an external receiver unit with FM modulation as described above. Or, if your brand of stereo has a satellite radio "add on" unit, this is even better. An example are some Pioneer models. Pioneer offers a hide away satellite receiver that plugs up to some of their head units. You then control the satellite radio directly through your headunit.
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