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hey dave i live in monterey, but i drive up to SF all the time, because the city is the best place for a good party (ofcourse) so let me know if you want some pics of my mods...

Altezza front grill
Clear Front Signals/Clear door Lenses
PIAA bulbs 194/168 LEDs
PIAA 7440 Xtreme turn sigs
HKS Dragger II Exhaust Brand Mew HKS Hiper Exhaust swap
Tien S.Tech Springs
TRD Yellow Sway Bars
Custom Painted SRT HFI Intake w/Race ECU
Fog/DRL/Horn relocation Mods
Neo Blue Street Glow 9" accents
G2 Black Caliper paint
Flatline stickers/decals
Pittura Roof Spoiler
Sparco 3pt Double Buckle Harness (black)
HKS Hiper Exhaust (11+ rwhp)
Sparco Harness Pads (black)
MOMO EVO F16 Carbon/Titanium shift knob
MOMO MC1 seatbelt pads
Recaro car seat for my cell phone =P
Custom Painted Black Foglights w/clear lens
TRD SWAYS, TIEN SPRINGS, 205/40/17 (smaller tires lowered me an inch)
NEW JDM Antenna

- the latter is from my car domain site which has pics of most if not all my mods.

later dude - hobbes
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