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S2000 sighting...

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So I was cruising to work over Columbus Day on the 134 Fwy. In my undimmable rearview a harsh glint captures my attention, "Is somebody flashing me... with HIDs, no less?"

The dark form approaches at an adequate pace in the fast lane, revealing itself to be a black S2000 with HIDs blazing. I move over to the #2 lane to let it pass, and I noticed that what I originally suspected as flashing high beams were only low beams bouncing along with the rest of the heavily sprung car. This leads me to conclude that the noted performance of the S2000's HIDs has very much to do with their relatively high aim, which is acceptable in a two-seater (only so much attitude change, right?), but can be downright dangerous if the trunk is heavily loaded.

It moves parallel to me, and slows to my pace (70mph, first 1000 miles) due to traffic. I discern a declining high-rpm whine, which was quite cool and purposefully aggressive. However, my windows were up and the radio was on, so it must have been one LOUD whine. I peek over to catch a glimpse of the lucky fella. It was a middle-aged gentleman with a mane of silver hair. For a few more moments we drove more-or-less in parallel, a 20-something Asian guy in a white IS300 and a 60-something Caucasian guy in a black S2000. Dunno what it says, but I think it woulda been an interesting sight for car enthusiasts and armchair sociologists/marketing majors alike.
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it's an incredible sound...

and everyone thinks I'm flashing them as I'm simply driving along the street - a minor annoyance when people flash back, but they get over it... it has nothing to do with weight in the trunk. The lights have a very sharp "edge" to how they illuminate, and the car does bounce a bit. If you pull up to a wall and look, there's a very very distinct line that light just doesn't go above. So all you saw was the "edge" of the light bouncing in and out of your line of sight.

(wishing mine was out of the dang bodyshop already!)

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