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Index of Picture Whorage
Repaired clear coat damage on polished lips: #37
Headrest monitors: #51
Protection for rear lip: #61
Clutch & Flywheel part list: #89
FIGS Heatshield: #94
Accident + Refinished VS-XX: #107
3000K HID Fogs: #144 #161
All repairs completed: #161
FIGS S2 MEGA ARMS & Tuned Parts Rigid Arms #183
San Diego Photo Shoot: #188 + San Diego Photo Meet PICS!
Figs batt bar & CDDD. Clutch Problems #199
Photo Shoot with my Friend's G35: #201
Karl-Sport SS, MOMO shift knob & shifter boot: #207
L-Tuned Exhaust: #218
Custom Armrest: #219
FIGS toe links and swaybar endlinks & Bad Stance lower bushings: #234
Sport Design headlights, smoked side markers, front mounted cam, and Figs front swaybar endlinks #258
Sport Design Foglights: #278
DIY Black Pearl Emblems #289 #306
Repainted calipers Gloss black w/ white pearl #310
Dirty pics of my car LOL: #331 #337
FIGS LS version hood prop struts: #344
Painted cam gear cover: #349-#371
PLP FSTB (repainted & mounted) & Yokohama S. Drive: #386
Energy S/B Bushing Update & Altezza Sport Grill: #408-#451, #464
Rear Energy swaybar bushings, PIAA Forza wipers, and Valentine 1 remount: #428
Authentic UGO roof spoiler (seller pics): #431
Wet sanded and polished rear lip: #447
More pic whoring: #468
Extreme Autofest SD 7/10/2011 : #478
TRD oil cap: #493
FIGS Adjustable Tie Rod Ends: #506
FIGS Adjustable Tie Rod Ends and Sway bar relocation bracket installed: #555
v2 Stance GR+ Lower bushing after ~1 year: #560
Just hit 90K: #566
Outerwear filter sock: #575
Engine bay dress up bolts: #608
Mother's Day pic whoring: #622
Flex DA Polisher mini-review: #663
TunedParts Radiator Panel: #691
DIY Pad Washer: #707
Painted my intake: #735
BC BR coilovers and new OE floor mats #769
New OEM motorized navi housing with aftermarket screen #796

My DIY's
DIY: L emblem on z-edition - my.IS - Lexus IS Forum
DIY: Door chime on a switch - my.IS - Lexus IS Forum
Tutorial: Installing H3 HID Fog Lights - my.IS - Lexus IS Forum
Just installed a PS2-Slim (Lots of pics) - my.IS - Lexus IS Forum
Can't figure out where my tires are rubbing. **No More Rub**
DIY: Front #2 Lower Control Arm
TLC for my L-Tuned Exhaust **NOW with DIY**
DIY: Front Ball joint and No1 LCA -IS300

I got my 2003 BO 5MT w/ LSD CPO in March 2006. Luckily, it seems the 1st owner was as OCD as I am about the car, so it was really clean when I got it. Coilovers and exhaust had been sitting around since February 2006. I actually learned to drive a manual transmission on this car. My buddy did the test drive, taught me how to drive the thing in about an hour, and I somehow made it home about 35 miles away...thank God the freeways were already empty. I've listed my mods by year, and included a couple pics that I've taken along the way. Rather than making new threads, I'll continue to update this one. Enjoy :bigSmile:

2006 mod list:

Inside & Out:
  • Tinted Windows
  • 04-05 dash tray
  • TRD shift knob
  • Figs Hood Props
Go Fast:
  • JoeZ + Blitz air filter
  • PLP heat shield
  • B&M SS
Stop Drop & Roll:
  • Apex Exv coilovers
Wheels and Tires:
  • 5zigen SC3000 18x7.5+42
  • Falken FK 452 225/40/18
  • New alarm
  • JDM Altezza Antenna
  • AVIC Z1
  • JDM 2Din
  • ARC KAR 265
  • ARC KAR 6932
  • ARC KAR 400.4
  • Amp Rack
  • PS2 Slim
  • Valentine1 (hardwired) #1 (Lost/Stolen from Lexus loaner--my dumb ass forgot it in there)

100% stock

In the shop for Apex N1 exhaust and Apex ExV. The only other *mod* done at the time was window tint.

After. Please ignore sun flares as they were not my idea.

Yes! My son finally admits my car is cooler than his mother's MDX

2007 mod list:

Inside & Out:
  • TRD front lip (Rep)
  • Altezza Z grill w/ "L"
Stop Drop & Roll:
  • Replaced 6kg rear springs with 8kg - Much better!
  • TeckPro Grounding kit
Car Wash:
  • Porter Cable 7424
  • Menzerna Polish, glaze, sealant, and other crap
  • Glimour Foam Gun

2008 Mod List:

Inside & Out
  • JDM Window Visors
  • 2003 SD Grill
  • Authentic TRD sid skirts
  • Carson Tuned rear skirt
  • Painted calipers
  • Clear bra (front bumper & lip)
  • Expel (heads, fogs, and side markers)
Go Fast
  • SRT intake
  • Greddy Air Diffuser
Stop Drop & Roll
  • Cusco rear STB
  • Pioneer Backup Camera
  • Pioneer XM/Traffic module
  • Pioneer Bluetooth module
  • Token Mirror Tilt Module
  • Valentine1 #2 :pissed:

2009 Mod List:

Inside & OutGo Fast:
  • Clutch Dampener - GONE
Stop Drop & Roll:
  • L-Tuned sway bars
  • Stance GR+ (12F/10R)
Wheels and Tires:
  • Work VS-XX 18x8/9 +38
  • VS-XX Refinished + chrome lips
  • Falken FK-452 tires 225/40/18 & 235/40/18
The Car Wash
  • Dr. Colorchip

New Picture whoring 2k9 edition

I shall call me

~To be continued~


To all the people PMing me about my body kit:

Front lip: This piece was made by carfashion/JDMeyes. The same person made the lip for both. The lip was around $200 new. The original fitment was pretty crappy, but you should expect this from a replica. AFAIK, the lip is no longer in production. The only other TRD replica I know of that is still in production is made by VIS. The biggest difference would be the area by the lower grill. The JDMeyes version follows the OEM part's, but the VIS goes over the bumper. See pics.


VIS Picture courtesy of white_is.

Sides: My side skirts are authentic Toyota Japan/L-Tuned/TRD sides (PolyU). As to be expected of OEM parts, fitment was perfect.
L-Tuned Parts - CarsonTuned/Toyota Japan IS300 Side Skirts

Rear: I have a Carson Tuned rear lip. I don't know if Carson Toyota/ has any left, but AFAIK, production of the rear lip has stopped. This may be the best fitting replica that is/was available. You will need to lower and extend your exhaust, or it will burn and/or crack the lip.

2010 Mod List:

Inside and Out
  • MOMO Race Airleather shift knob
  • MOMO Performance shift boot
  • Custom Armrest
  • Sport Design Headlights
  • Sport Design fogs
  • Smoked side markers
  • DIY BP Emblems
  • Spoiler brake light red-out
Go Fast
  • Centerforce Dual Friction Clutch (waiting on install)
  • Fidanza light flywheel (waiting on install)
  • L-Tuned Ehaust replaces Apex-i N1
Stop Drop & Roll

  • Pioneer ND BC4 B/U cam
  • Relocated ND BC2 camera under front crash bar

2011 Mod List:

Inside and Out
  • Replaced FIGS hood prop struts with his LS version struts
  • Painted cam gear cover gloss black
  • Altezza Sport Grill
  • PIAA Forza Hybrid wipers
  • Clear Bra: Headlights, Fog lights, Altezza grill
  • Authentic UGO roof spoiler
  • TRD oil cap
Stop Drop & Roll

  • Replaced front lower ball joints (OEM)
  • Replaced Front No. 1 control arms (OEM)
  • Swapped JIC FSTB with PLP
  • Energy sway bar bushings
Wheels & Tires
  • Yokohama S. Drive tires
    -225/40/18 (F)
    -245/35/18 (R)

2012 Mod List:

Stop Drop & Roll
  • Figs Adjustable Tie Rod Ends to reduce bump-steer.
  • Figs Sway bar Relocation Bracket to increase clearance between endlinks and front lower shock mounts.
Go Fast
  • Outerwear filter sock
  • Tuned Parts Radiator Panel

2014 Mod List

Inside & Out
  • New OEM floor mats
Stop Drop & Roll
  • BC BR coilovers with Swift spring upgrade 12/10 spring rates

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Lol you slut. haha. Nice man. +rep

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the mini me trips me out. great job!!

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BEAUTIFUL car. I love it in all of the stages.
What kind of caliper paint did you use? For some reason, it looks like yours came out shinier than mine did.
Your new wheels go perfectly with your car. Only thing I can say is paint your heads and fogs.

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Thanks too Kraven.

Eric: The calipers were a bit of a pain. I used a die grinder to start smoothing them out, a dremel for the tight areas, and sandpaper to smooth them out. I used G2 caliper paint, and followed it up with a clear coat. I think the smooth-ish surface plus the clear coat is what makes my calipers appear glossier than yours.

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nice transformation man...very well done and the mini me is awesome...just curious where did u get the kit for your mini me???

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Thanks for the compliments. I'm very happy with the way my car has turned out thus far. I'm not really sure what's down the road, but I guess I'll find out when I get there.

4DR: The Tamiya IS200 body kit is discontinued and very hard to find. It matches my car almost perfectly. This is how it looked when my buddy gave it to me for Christmas. Most of it is custom masked and decaled. I think the only sticker I used were the rear "L" and the rear window.


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Nice pics, your car looks really good. I also have the Tamiya IS200 body kit for my gas car. I actually had it before my IS300. + rep

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looking good ray!:approve:
Thanks buddy. You take'n good care of my old stockers :)

damn i want to make one of those remote drift cars to look like my car ahahaha
The drift cars were pretty bad-ass, but I've been losing interest fast. Maybe my son will get into it one day.

Nice pics, your car looks really good. I also have the Tamiya IS200 body kit for my gas car. I actually had it before my IS300. + rep
I'm surprised you can get the IS200 on a gas car. I can't fit wheels with good offset on this body because it's so narrow :pissed:

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^^ Your right about that...My car is a Megatech and it came with is200 body. But in Brooklyn I get no love with the Megatech because everyone has HPI :( .

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gas cars have offsets on wheels? LOL
yup! like 0mm, 3mm, 6mm, and i think i've seen 9mm offset wheels too lol

but rvalero man! has your car come some way to get to where it is today! love your car bro! btw how's the apexi n1 exhaust? any drone or raspiness?
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