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I am new to this site so go easy if I am asking stupid question. Last week I changed plugs (thanks to Herohima's DYI) in my 2004 IS300 and I drove it with no problems. The other day I cleaned the engine compartment w/Gunk and it sat over night. Today I started it and it was running rough so I took it for a spin figuring that the moisture was causing the problem. The check engine light is know on and the traction control light is flashing. after running it a while it runs much better but know and then it has its episodes (stumbles and check engine light flashes while it stumbles)so where should I start. I can see from other posts that the car will give codes but I do not know how to get them. I am mechanial but don't know this animal yet and thought this would be a good start.

I see that I need a code reader and I am on my way to get one. I will post results later
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