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So I bought the car turboed 2 years ago. Drove it last summer all good. Stored it for winter. Once it got warmer weather I did some maintenance. Fixed 2 small boost leaks coming from couplers. Oil change made sure fluids are good and put a new battery in.

drove it around my driveway afr is 12 all is good. Parked it and 10 later started it up again. This time it struggled to start after a few times trying it finally and looked at The gauge on the fpr and it’s around 20ish psi.

so naturally I replace the fuel pump at the same time I saw the stock return was never capped and Modified correctly so I welded it shut and adjust hoses.

started her up right away but my afr gauge is -22 at idle. First gear is fine 2nd gear she bogs out then finally goes after 4Kish rpm Once I let off the gas she dies right away. Afr gauge never changes off -22. Misfires etc

checked a couple things. Fuel pressure is good. can’t find any vacuum leaks and I even took out the fuel damper and replaced with a banjo bolt. (This fixed my other is300 when it was a bit lean.

Checked the maf cleaned it and checked with volt meter. One of the test was a little off so I pulled one off my running is300. Disconnected battery to reset computer. No change

checked butterfly valve
Check fuel injector with my hand they’re all firing.
cleaned the afr sensor but I doubt that had anything to do with it cause of the misfire

I’m stumped. I’m guessing the next step would be pulling the injectors clean or replace and a compression test. Maybe check tune or retune.

Any ideas? I know it’s a lot to read just trying to give all the information
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