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RPS 6 puck "SPORT" clutch/pp...Solid for 400+ Rwhp.....

I ran this clutch for less than a year...,... more than 50% of the time it was in the car the car was sitting idle at LMS with the constant Supercharger problems....:rolleyes:

i never drag raced EVER much less with this clutch, i never even did a hard launch or dropped the clutch from a dig..... i was always too afraid of breaking another fuggin' Powerdyne SC...:suspiciou :pissed:

It has MINIMAL (commuting to & from work & weekend zooming around) wear & useage & the only reason i changed it out was because Centerforce Sponsored me & sent me a custom clutch... estimated mileage.... 2k---2500??

I need to be rid of this thing finally... it is in great shape & i guarantee it to last for YEARS of agressive use... RPS makes Awesome parts and this is an excellent choice for an aggressive driver... boosted or not.

perfectly suited for some one with a light weight Fidanza/ROPS/ Unorthodox
Racing/ Whoever Alloy light weight flywheel...

I paid over $540 for this setup and am offering it for

$295 Plus shipping/ppal fees


Clutch disc


TRD boost gauge

I was holding this for another member forever but he never got back to me on it so back up it goes....

Brand new, never mounted in the box WITH 'A' pillar mount..complete installation instructions & all parts included...

NOTE ... Max range on this unit is 10 PSI... so if you are running 10 PSI or less on either a SC or Turbo.... you will be SET & have AUTHENTIC TRD quality and value.

Perfect for the HKS SC kit coming out soon... you'll have PLENTY of range here...;)

$100.00 shipped incl. PPAl fees... $90 p up


Toms Low temp thermostat... used 6-7 months sort of...

Another part that was installed & then we had so many SC problems i hardly drove it for 8 months ahile the car sat & sat at LMS.... WHen we swapped motors they got a new TRD one & they forgot to pull this one out. i remembered to go get it before they dumped my old block off... it;s been sitting for 2 years in a box...

in perfect shape but it is used however slightly...

retail $70-$80 bux Plus....

$50 shipped incl. PPal fees $45 local pup.


FRONT ONLY Hotchkis Sway bar...

in perfect shape like new... used for approx 10 months then the car sat for over a year.... NO rear Matching bar avail. complete ready to install...

perfect for some one looking to control body roll while keeping the rear of the car biting using the stock rear bar... or NONE as some crazy agressive guys have run...

$165 + shipping & ppal tax

pm or email.. thx

edgybilt @ a i m . co m

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sorry Ed, about the trd guage. i tried and tried to go boost but it never happened. however i'm about to sell all my stuff and told him about your guage. hopefully he'll contact you.

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no sweat it's cool & i wasn't sweating it... i saw your posts etc. so i figured you were out...

it is a great part & if i wasn't boosting past 10 PSi i'd certainly keep it ... it is still brand new so some one with the SC or S1 Turbo kit would be perfect for it...

take care man
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