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When we first saw this 4 piston big brake kit our jaws dropped. <a href="">Rotora</a> finally announces the release of their big brake kit, and best of all it is on sale to IS300.NET members for a limited time! Read on to find out all the details on this high performance brake upgrade, and how to take advantage of the limited time intro pricing.<P>

<b>Kit Components:</b>
-a set of pre-installed 4-piston calipers (red or blue of your choice)
-a set of 1 piece cross-drilled/slotted oversize, vented, “e-coated” discs (330mm)
-a set of high carbon steel (S45C) mounting brackets
-a set of Rotora sport pads: high street performance
-a set of stainless steel braided brake lines with hardware (D.O.T. approved)<P>

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<b>Kit Details and Benefits:</b>
Fully cast and CNC machined to ensure the highest quality. Rotora's high performance brake system enables superior brake modulation while improving overall pedal feel to ensure equal distribution of weight transfer when braking. To achieve this proportional front-to-rear brake bias, Rotora’s 2-piece cast aluminum calipers are fine tuned by increasing the clamp load to the optimal level while utilizing the stock master cylinder to retain overall front-to-rear brake bias.<P>

Rotora’s two piece cast aluminum, heat-treated (4-piston) calipers (application specific) provides stock pedal feel while increasing the clamp load/force to ensure equal distribution of weight transfer during braking.<P>

Rotora’s street performance pads that are included were designed to improved stopping distance while keeping the squeal at a minimum. Provides higher coefficient of friction which work exceptionally well under high temperatures. The ideal pad for all-around performance. <P>

Stainless steel, braided brake lines prevent brake hose expansion under pressure and improve stiffer pedal feel. All Rotora’s steel braided lines are DOT approved and pressure tested to 3,000 psi to meet FMVSS-106 (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards) standard.<P>

Cross drilled/slotted rotors to ensure heat dissipation for continuous hard braking (which helps reduce warping, and brake fade) and keeping the rotor and brake pad surface free of excess brake dust and debris.<P>

"E-coated" (black) finish plating on rotors to prolong life and reduce rust build up.<P>

Direct bolt on replacement to all stock front brake system (some applications requires the removal of the stock dust cover shield).<P>

Larger surface area compared to stock O.E. Lexus IS300 rotors which will increase brake performance.<P>

All systems are abs compatible.
All pistons with dust seals.<P>

<b>Rotora Kit vs. Stock:</b>
Caliper Weight (loaded caliper):R
OTORA: 9.7 lbs / STOCK:17.5 lbs.
Oversize Disc Weight:
ROTORA: 18.6 lbs. / STOCK: 20 lbs.
Oversize Disc Dimension:
ROTORA: 330mm x 32mm / STOCK: 296mm x 32mm<P>

A total weight savings of 9 lbs. per side!!!!!<P>

NOTE: 5mm wheel spacers are required to fit stock Lexus IS300 wheels.<P>

<b>Pricing and Order Info:</b>
Introductory pricing of $1550 per set. Retail pricing will be set at over $2000. This offer is good until 5/31/03 so act fast! Orders can be placed through Carson Toyota/L-tuned Parts, 1-800-908-6968.
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