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ROTM Contest: June 2013

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ROTM Contest: June 2013

The contest works like this:
Today until June 20, the contest will be open for submissions. You must post your pictures in this thread to enter.
From June 21 - 30 a poll will be added containing the entered submissions. All members are asked to vote on their favorite. The person with the most votes will be the winner for the month!!

The prize:
The June 2013 Ride of the month will be featured on the homepage during the month of July 2013. Let's see whatcha got!

Ride of the Month Rules
1) All IS models compete against each other.

2) If you have won in the past 3 months you are not eligible (e.g. if you won for the month of April the next month you could enter would be August)

3) No "photoshopping" of photos in a manner that manipulates the look of the car. White balance and other tasteful color edits are allowed. Changing the color of the vehicle or accessories is NOT allowed. HDR and other such effects, presets or filters are allowed but frowned upon. Anyone that is thought to have violated this rule will be given a very short period of time (hours) to provide unaltered photos. If the Admin team feels that anyone has violated this rule they will be disqualified from any future contests if they are found to have used altered photos.

4) You may only enter your own personal car not your buddy's car or your mother's car, you get the point. Company built show cars are not allowed.

5) Each entry is allowed a maximum of 3 photos. You are not allowed to change (this means adding or deleting or any alterations) your photos once you enter. To enter add your photos to a post in the contest thread and they will be moved by a moderator into the main contest post (the thread originating post). Photos will be added to the post in the order of entry.


  • Do not create fake accounts for votes. Every vote is monitored by the Admin team and cross-checked to see if the user account is valid.
  • No soliciting or campaigning for votes through PM or in threads.
  • Members with less than 50 post count have been restricted from voting.
If the Admin team feels that anyone has violated the stated rules, they will be disqualified and restricted to enter any future contests. Rules are subject to change. Should a situation arise that can't be resolved by these rules, the Administrators will work out the details.

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here is my 01 msm is300-


carson tuned front
volk ce28n staggered 18x8.5 front, 18x9.5 rear
215/40/18 front, 255/35/18 rear
seibon carbon hood
trd sides and rear
srt intake
weathertech window visors
custom exhaust setup with
hks dragger 2 exhaust
philips ultinon 6000k low beam
3000k hid fogs
sport design grille
hella supertones
figs hood prop kit
+ more


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Just an 01 Toyota, nothing special.

Vis hood.
Carbon creations trunk.
Type r lip (will be replaced with an AMS real soon)
Badge less grill.

Black interior swap.

Megan street series coils.
Figs mega arms.
Godspeed front arms.
Hotchkiss sways.
Figs front and rear sway links.
Techna fit braided brake lines.
Figs sway relocation kit.

Under the hood.
Aem intake.
Koyo radiator.
Titan polished brackets.
Mishimoto tranny cooler.
Figs hood struts.
Polished intake manifold.
Megan headers.
Megan y pipe.
SRT cat back.
AAC cooling plate.
Token solutions o2 sim.
Ted oil cap.


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2008 Lexus IS F
5.0 L V8 2UR-GSE
1F2 Mercury Metallic
165,000 Km's

ISS Forged DES street exhaust - 2.5"/ 304 Stainless/ header back
BCR Coilovers custom spring rate F14K/ R10K
Joe Z Intake
aFe Drop in AF
2012 LED headlight upgrade
SK Performance HID fogs 6K
SK Performance HID headlights 6K
SK Performance LED upgrade all interior and exterior lights
iJDM toy - LED rear marker light conversion
Sprint Booster
F-Sport Rear Sway bar

Lexon Style Lip/ Flat Black
Wald Style rear spoiler
Wald rear Diffuser - Carbon Fiber
Jun Roof Spoiler
Calipers G2 Blue with custom "F" logo's

Volk Rays Engineering VR G2
Continental DW
Front 8.5 x 245/35/19 +45
Rear 9.5 x 275/30/19 +45
Ichiba 15mm Spacers

Beatsonic Nav hack
F Sport Shift Knob
DOD F500 LHD Dash Cam


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2jz-gte Toyota supra mk4 - 440.4rwhp - 420torque
99,000km on chassis
Brand new bottom end <5000km on it, ( purchased from don valley lexus )
Brain Crowner Stage 2 Cams.
1mm oversized intake and exhaust – Redline
Steel head gasket
Arp head studs.
Boost Logic Stage 2 twin to single turbo conversion t67. Liquid cooled. $6500
Tial 44mm Wastegate.
HKS EVC Boost controller
Manifold is ceramic coated.
AEM EMS v1. - Dezod motorsportrs
RC 700cc Injectors
New Oem ignition Coils
New Oem Ignition Coil wires
NGK BKR7E Spark Plugs Gapped to 0.028
Custom Fuel Rail with -8 An Fittings and Stainless braided fuel line.
Dual Walbro Intake fuel pumps
B Series Honda Idle air control valve
DBW Delete to 2JZ-GTE Throttle Body.
3'' custom boost logic downpipe.
Midpipe is 3'' stainless.
all o2 sensors are intact, hower B1S2 and B2S2 are simulated because not cats are installed
Buddyclub Coilovers
6 Piston rotora calipers 355mm multipiece rotors - vivid racing $6500 kit
Stainless steel brake lines
iforged astras 19x10 +50 19x.9.5 +54 $3500
Falken high performance summer tires fk452 225/25/19 in front & 235/35/19 rear i believe
Blitz Blow off valve
GreDDY timing belt
GreDDY Lug nuts
TRD gauge pod
r154 5 speed supra transmission
1JZ bell housing
Custom Extended Shifter Housing (Oem Shifter location in car)
Transmission tunnel widened to accept transmission.
Custom Transmission mount.
OEM clutch pedal
OEM slave cylinder
Clutchmasters 6 puck ceramic clutch disc with increased pressure plate.
C-west headlight eyelids
HKS oversized front mount intercooler w/ alloy piping
custom intake w/ custom alloy piping
Greddy Gauges - Boost , AFR , OIL PRESSURE
Brand new Battery
Brake system flush
Radiator Coolant Flush
ABS delete
Custom throttle body bracket
ARP flywheel bolts

500+ HP


3,829 Posts

Custom Widebody flared front and rear fenders molded
L-tuned Rear Lip molded
L-tuned Front Bumper
D-Speed Side Skirts
Custom Metallic Blue Paint
Shaved Rear Door Handles
Shaved Door moldings
Hand Made Hood Cutouts with Reinforced Subframe
Blacked out Headlights
02 Black Chrome Tail lights
Trunk Lip Spoiler
Bride Gias Low max Maziora Seats (driver/passenger)
Rear seats covered in Bride gradation material to match front seats
Torque Dampener From block to subframe for limited engine torque movement
Cusco 6 point Cage

DPE Split 5 Spoke 3 Piece Forged Wheels. Rear 19x10” Front 19x8.5”
SSR SP1 Professors 2 Piece Forged Wheels. Rear 18x9.5 Front 18x8 (race wheels)
Blitz Technospeed 19x10 +22 all 4 corners
Traklite Trak-K 18x9.5 +20 all 4 corners

AP Racing 4 Pistol Aluminum Big Brake Kit with 13” rotors. New Pads and Rotors
Slotted rear rotors and some aftermarket pads (I forget which)
SS Braided brake lines and relocated ABS System
Race set - TT Calipers / Carbotech XP12 Pads
Extra set - Endless 6 pot / 4 pot

Fortune Auto 510 Series Coilovers
Swift Springs
TRD Sways
TRD Front/Rear Crossmember Braces
TRD Rear Strut Bar
TRD Front Trailing Arms
Custom Rear Control Arms
Cusco CF Front Strut Bar Rear Strut Bar Rear Bitch Bars

V160 6 Speed Swap
Blitz Twin Disc Clutch
MKIV Supra Rear Diff Case with Kaaz 2 way
Converted from Auto to Manual
Agency Power Shift knob
Custom Driveshaft

2jz-gte block
CP Pistons
Manley Turbo Tuff IBeam Rods
Clevite 77 Main/Rod/Thrust Bearings
ARP Harmonic dampener ($300)
Factory Head with full race port
Supertech Intake Valves 1mm oversized
Supertech Exhaust Valves 1mm oversized
Supertech Dual Valve Springs
Supertech Titanium Retainers
HKS 272 Intake/Exhaust Cams
HKS Intake/Exhaust Cam Gears
ARP L19 Head Studs
SRT CNC Intake Manifold
SRT Fuel Rail
Accufab 90mm Throttle body
Powdercoated Valve Covers

Dual Walbro 155lph fuel pumps in a custom CNC Hanger
Dual Stainless feed lines (-6) and single Stainless return (-6)
Aeromotive (if I remember correctly) Rising Rate (1-1) Fuel Pressure Regulator
1260cc Siemens Injectors

Engine Management: MegaSquirt MS3Pro Engine Management - Full Standalone
2 x QuadSpark 4 channel Ignitor
Removed Stock ECU completely

Electronics and Gauges:
AEM Gauge Wideband
Blitz BLM (Black Light Meter) gauges. Boost, Fuel Pressure,
Blitz SBC iD V3 mounted in a body matched hand made pod in the center console
Blitz Turbo Timer mounted up near the sunroof
Eclipse Double Din Tilt Screen Nav Unit/Stereo/DVD Player
Engine Start Button in Cigarette Lighter Socket
Battery Relocated to Trunk
Haltech Idle Air Control Valve

Turbo Stuff:
New GT4088R Dual Ball Bearing Turbo
Dual Blitz Dual Drive BOV (Located in factory fog light openings)
aluminum intercooler piping
Coolant lines run to factory coolant lines or welded nipples
-10 Return line
Modifed, ported and reinforced tubular manifold
Tial 44mm wastegate
3” exhaust with HKS Hiper
DMH electric cut-out
Custom Catch Can with -10 lines

I’m sure many things have been left out, but this should give you a pretty good idea.

ps. 620 whp on pump gas at 21 psi. 1st place at Global Time Attack Street RWD Road Atlanta.

many thanks go out to for the MS3Pro Engine Management system, tuning, and support. also to Fortune Auto for the sick 510 coilovers. and lastly to Traklite Wheels for the trak-k's.

last edit:

if i win, i will be dedicating the win to the original owner, one of the best members ever to be on this site, my friend, De aka SophieSleeps.

167 Posts

2001 Lexus IS300 B51 Blue
JDM bumpers + lips
JDM fenders
Tom's rear spoiler
Ugo roof spoiler
Custom candied taillights
Greddy Evo
Cusco sways + Cusco strut bars
More junk I don't care for.
Crimson Inc. Linea Sports wheels

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Jedi Knight
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5) Each entry is allowed a maximum of 3 photos. You are not allowed to change (this means adding or deleting or any alterations) your photos once you enter. To enter add your photos to a post in the contest thread and they will be moved by a moderator into the main contest post (the thread originating post). Photos will be added to the post in the order of entry.
May I remind everyone who entered Rule #5. Please PM me if you want to edit or change anything. Otherwise you will be disqualified for this month's ROTM.

4 Posts

- OEM Style Carbon Hood
- IS300 front bumper with Greddy style lip
- Matte black Altezza grille
- Altezza window visors
- TTE sideskirt
- TTE rear lip
- TRD style rear spoiler
- Ebay roof spoil er
- HKS Silent Hi Power
- All lamps tinted
- 18x8.5 ET32 215.40.18 front
- 18x9.5 ET35 225.40.18 rear

Winter mode, TTE front bumper with ez-lip

69 Posts
2003 Graphite Grey Pearl Lexus IS300

-Sport Design
-Factory LSD
-Factory 5speed

Tein Flex Coilovers
Front and Rear Sway Bars
Megan Racing Toe Arms
Multeki Blue Anodized Lug Nuts
18x9.5 +25 KlutchRepublik SL14
225-40-18 Falken 512
Lots of tire shine so my tires done eat my front fenders :rofl

ARC Custom Intake
Megan Headers
Megan Test-Pipe
HKS Carbon-Ti Axle Back
Figgs Hood Dampers
ARC Oil Cap
ARC Radiator Cap
Titan Adjustable Cam Gear
Throttle Cable Spacer

JDM Altezza Chrome Grill
Replica Greddy Front Lip
L-Sportline Side-Skirts
OG TRD Rear Lip
Black Chrome Emblems
LED Tail Lights
Fenders Rolled Flat with Moderate Pull on Fronts
LED License Plate Bulbs
LED City lights
Yellow High Beam Bulbs
Full Power DRLs
Stand Alone Fogs

Custco Shift Knob
Momo Shift Boot
JDM Dash Tray
Alpine Headunit
Viper 2-way alarm pager
LED Dome and Map Lights
LED Gauge Cluster Conversion
Deleted Traction and Bulb Out Light
Wired for Subwoofer 8g


Jedi Knight
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Polls are up. Let the voting begin!

Good luck to all contestants!
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