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ROTM Contest: August 2013

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ROTM Contest: August 2013

The contest works like this:
Today until August 21, the contest will be open for submissions. You must post your pictures in this thread to enter.
From August 22 - 31 a poll will be added containing the entered submissions. All members are asked to vote on their favorite. The person with the most votes will be the winner for the month!!

The prize:
The August 2013 Ride of the month will be featured on the homepage during the month of September 2013. Let's see whatcha got!

Ride of the Month Rules
1) All IS models compete against each other.

2) If you have won in the past 3 months you are not eligible (e.g. if you won for the month of April the next month you could enter would be August)

3) No "photoshopping" of photos in a manner that manipulates the look of the car. White balance and other tasteful color edits are allowed. Changing the color of the vehicle or accessories is NOT allowed. HDR and other such effects, presets or filters are allowed but frowned upon. Anyone that is thought to have violated this rule will be given a very short period of time (hours) to provide unaltered photos. If the Admin team feels that anyone has violated this rule they will be disqualified from any future contests if they are found to have used altered photos.

4) You may only enter your own personal car not your buddy's car or your mother's car, you get the point. Company built show cars are not allowed.

5) Each entry is allowed a maximum of 3 photos. You are not allowed to change (this means adding or deleting or any alterations) your photos once you enter. To enter add your photos to a post in the contest thread and they will be moved by a moderator into the main contest post (the thread originating post). Photos will be added to the post in the order of entry.


  • Do not create fake accounts for votes. Every vote is monitored by the Admin team and cross-checked to see if the user account is valid.
  • No soliciting or campaigning for votes through PM or in threads.
  • Members with less than 50 post count have been restricted from voting.
If the Admin team feels that anyone has violated the stated rules, they will be disqualified and restricted to enter any future contests. Rules are subject to change. Should a situation arise that can't be resolved by these rules, the Administrators will work out the details.

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2nd time!

They say he's trying to hard.
That he'll never impress.
They say his car is too stock,
That he drives it like a mess
They'll see one day, though.
Their laughs will be suppressed.
When rocket-engines are harbored in his IS!


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Lets try this again :thumbsup:

2003 Graphite Grey Pearl Lexus IS300

-Sport Design
-Factory LSD
-Factory 5speed

Tein Flex Coilovers
Front and Rear Sway Bars
Megan Racing Toe Arms
Multeki Blue Anodized Lug Nuts
18x9.5 +25 KlutchRepublik SL14
225-40-18 Falken 512
Strut Tower Notch to make way for UCA's
Lots of tire shine so my tires done eat my front fenders :rofl

ARC Custom Intake
Megan Headers
Megan Test-Pipe
HKS Carbon-Ti Axle Back
Figgs Hood Dampers
ARC Oil Cap
ARC Radiator Cap
Titan Adjustable Cam Gear
Throttle Cable Spacer

JDM Altezza Chrome Grill
Replica Greddy Front Lip
L-Sportline Side-Skirts
OG TRD Rear Lip
Black Chrome Emblems
LED Tail Lights
Fenders Rolled Flat with Moderate Pull on Fronts
LED License Plate Bulbs
LED City lights
Yellow High Beam Bulbs
Full Power DRLs
Stand Alone Fogs

Custco Shift Knob
Momo Shift Boot
JDM Dash Tray
Alpine Headunit
Viper 2-way alarm pager
LED Dome and Map Lights
LED Gauge Cluster Conversion
Deleted Traction and Bulb Out Light
Wired for Subwoofer 8g
Junction Produce Tsuna & Fusa set

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Last edited by XRflip05; 08-21-2013 at 07:49 AM.
Sorry you're disqualified for this month. Try again next month.

You are not allowed to change anything (this means adding or deleting or any alterations) once you enter.

You should have PM'ed me first before altering anything. Your entry date was 8/18 and you changed something on 8/21.

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Work VS-TX
Altezza Gita f+r bumpers
Altezza Gita TRD lip kit
Altezza Gita door mirror covers
Altezza Gita window visors
Altezza Gita rear emblem
Elixir Japan roof spoiler
Lsportline side skirts
Ltuned exhaust
Ltuned MSM painted grill
TRD Sports front emblem badge (authentic)
Black painted roof


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Let the voting begin!!!

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