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ROTM Contest: April 2013

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ROTM Contest: April 2013

The contest works like this:
Today until April 22, the contest will be open for submissions. You must post your pictures in this thread to enter.
From April 23 - 30 a poll will be added containing the entered submissions. All members are asked to vote on their favorite. The person with the most votes will be the winner for the month!!

The prize:
The April 2013 Ride of the month will be featured on the homepage during the month of May 2013. Let's see whatcha got!

Ride of the Month Rules
1) All IS models compete against each other.

2) If you have won in the past 3 months you are not eligible (e.g. if you won for the month of April the next month you could enter would be August)

3) No "photoshopping" of photos in a manner that manipulates the look of the car. White balance and other tasteful color edits are allowed. Changing the color of the vehicle or accessories is NOT allowed. HDR and other such effects, presets or filters are allowed but frowned upon. Anyone that is thought to have violated this rule will be given a very short period of time (hours) to provide unaltered photos. If the Admin team feels that anyone has violated this rule they will be disqualified from any future contests if they are found to have used altered photos.

4) You may only enter your own personal car not your buddy's car or your mother's car, you get the point. Company built show cars are not allowed.

5) Each entry is allowed a maximum of 3 photos. You are not allowed to change your photos once you enter. To enter add your photos to a post in the contest thread and they will be moved by a moderator into the main contest post (the thread originating post). Photos will be added to the post in the order of entry.


  • Do not create fake accounts for votes. Every vote is monitored by the Admin team and cross-checked to see if the user account is valid.
  • No soliciting or campaigning for votes through PM or in threads.
  • Members with less than 50 post count have been restricted from voting.
If the Admin team feels that anyone has violated the stated rules, they will be disqualified and restricted to enter any future contests. Rules are subject to change. Should a situation arise that can't be resolved by these rules, the Administrators will work out the details.

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Yes follow directions and post pictures and list of mods etc

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Guess I'll give it a shot! haha worth a try at least!

2001 GGP IS300

- Stance Super Sport coilovers
- 1jz-gte vvti w/ R154
- Rays Sebrings 17x8 and 17x9 Champ white with Gold hardware
- Keys Racing Deep Steering wheel
- NRG Quick Release and hub
- Double Din w/ bluetooth etc..


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I'll give it a go i guess....

2001 MSM IS300

SSR GT03 18x9.5/10.5 +26
225/40f & 255/35r

CX Racing Coilovers 14k/10k
Megan Headers
Megan Y-Pipe
Custom B-Pipe
stock exhaust (currently in between aftermarket cans)
AEM intake
Wald Front Lip
Wald Sideskirts
TRD rear lip
Carbon Fiber roof wing
Royal blue brake calipers w/ Lexus logos
Soundstorm Double Din
800w Kicker amp
(2) 12" MTX Jackhammer subs

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Jesus Christ Tigger you still on here. i remember you giving me some advice back in 2006. Im in the process of removing my trd jdmeyes rep lips.rmm side skirts and putting my stock springs back on.

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Jesus Christ Tigger you still on here. i remember you giving me some advice back in 2006. Im in the process of removing my trd jdmeyes rep lips.rmm side skirts and putting my stock springs back on.
Still here and so is my 03GGP ;)

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was up

Yo Tiger & Bezik777, I followed rules, put my list of mods & 4 picts on here again and they were deleted again like the first time. Is there a reason for this?? Thx fellows. Peace

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Yo Tiger & Bezik777, I followed rules, put my list of mods & 4 picts on here again and they were deleted again like the first time. Is there a reason for this?? Thx fellows. Peace
Hi PuppDogg,

I'm not quite sure if you adhered by the rules otherwise your post will not be deleted. My instructions were explicit allowing maximum of 3 photos. I would also like to clarify that you only had one entry ever since. So, I don't understand what you mean by "deleted again".

There is always another chance for next month. Good luck.



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Long time member here -- bought my Onyx M/T w/LSD in January 2003 with seven miles on the clock ...

Too many mods to mention here's the short list:

Cwest/Extreme Dimensions Carbon Fiber Front, Rear Bumpers, Side Skirts, Hood, A51 onyx roof, 18x8.5 Work Emotion KAI Front, 18x9.5 Rear in Bronze, Stoptech Slotted rotors, Pads, SS Lines, Tein Stech springs, Koni yellows, Hotchkis Sways, TRD under braces, TRD rear brace, A51 FSB, SRT+R ecu, Equal Length Mazzuri Header, Mazzuri Down pipe, custom B pipe, L tuned exhaust, Custom headlights, 8000k/6000k, HID Leveler, custom tails, LED, B&M, blue dash kit, 10" kicker sub, the list goes on ... etc etc ... and never ends!



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Sometimes it's all about that clean "factory" look #sleeperstatus

2003 Sport Design 5-Speed

Lowered on Tein H-Techs
Greddy TI-C w/Megan Y-Pipe
Ingen SR Intake
TRD Grill
The wheels are Factory IS Alloy's Powdercoated to match the Black Pearl Sport Design Emblems
Slotted/Cross Drilled Rotors


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Ride of the Month

Here is my entry:

2003 IS300 TCM

- Completely stock
- SRT Intake powdercoated with filter cover
- Optima Yellowtop with FIGS battery bar powdercoated in black
- CF dress-up pieces from AAC and other pieces custom made
- PLP strut bar
- Tuned Sports radiator panel
- Blitz oil cap
- FIGS hood props
- FIGS heat shield
- Blue LED accent lighting that illuminate when hood is raise
- TECH grounding kit
- Engine dress-up covers: radiator, oil, washer fluid, transmission & brake fluid caps

- Black suede headliner, A, B & C pillars, sun visors, sunroof shade and "O Shit!" handles
- Blue LED accent lighting in all door pockets and driver/passenger footwells
- Silver dashkit
- Blue LEDs in dome and door courtesy lights
- Ignited Performance engine start button in place of cigarette lighter (functional)
- Blue LEDs in instrument cluster
- Custom steering wheel in black alcantara and light grey leather
- Custom Lexus "L" embroidery on all headrests and MOMO shift boot
- B&M short shifter with MOMO "Race Air" shift knob
- MOMO CF e-brake handle with custom CF boot
- Illuminated "Lexus" front door sills

- BBK all the way around (Stop Tech (f) Rotora (r))
- Stop Tech & Rotora SS brake lines
- L-Tuned front & rear sways
- TEIN Comfort Sport coilovers
- Tanabe front & rear underbraces
- Tunedparts rigid bars powdercoated black
- Beatrush aluminum underbody panel
- Vossen CV1 wheels 19x8.5 on Conti Extreme Contact tires

- Carson Tuned front bumper with HID foglights
- Light Werkz custom dual bi-xenon projector retrofit with integrated LEDs to resemble
Lexus "L"
- Custom dual LED sidemarkers (f & r) from ClearCorners.Com > Exotic Automotive Lighting for Show & Race Tuner Applications
- Custom painted CF hood with Lexus "L" emblem
- LED rear tails and trunk lights from MM Sport
- UGO FRP side skirts (JDM) with hand-painted pinstripes
- Vizage rear skirt modified for dual-exhaust and molded into the bumper with an
integrated LED 3rd brake light (one-of-a-kind)
- Custom Tanabe Touring Medallion dual-exhaust
- RMM rear spoiler
- Kaminari roof spoiler molded to car
- Shark fin and FM Radio antenna painted to match car
- LED license plare lights
- Driver side and trunk key hole plugs (color keyed) from BumperPlugs
- L-Sportline custom grille with black powdercoated mesh
- CWest eyelids
- CF side-mirror covers
- X-pel headlight protection on headlights, fogs and sidemarkers
- 3M Clearshield paint protection on entire front bumber and hood, front fenders, side-
mirrors, windshield pillars and top of roof above windshield
- Taillights custom painted TCM

- Pioneer double din DVD receiver with XM and Bluetooth
- Hertz 10" subs (two) molded in CF
- Hertz 2-ways speaker system in front with crosovers molded into door pockets and
illuminated with blue LEDs
- Hertz 2-way coaxial (rear)
- Audison 5.1 ABD Class power amp in trunk
- Audison Bit One Signal Interface Processor with digital remote installed in center
console cupholder
- Custom built-in cooler in spare tire compartment with functional drain
- Entire trunk and front and rear door lined with dynamat


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Magnetite Black Metallic Paint

05 Dark Chrome Headlights
Rmm Front Lip
L-Sportline side skirts
L-Sportline rear bumper
Chrome Trunk Bar
Altezza 3 bar Grill
Altezza short antenna
LED Tail Lights
Altezza Window Visors
Magnaflow Muffler
S2k Ap2 Muffler Tip
Replica UGO Roof spoiler


Weds Kranze Bazreias
-18x9.5 +25
-18x10 +13
215/35/18 Kumho AST
225/35/18 Kumho AST
D2 Coilovers


Junction Produce Fusa
Junction Produce Tsuna
Junction Produce Neck Pads
Junction Produce Curtains
Junction Produce seat cushions
Junction Produce tissue box holder
Carmate Cup holders
Custom back seat pillows
Custom wrapped door panels
Custom wrapped trunk interior pieces
IS350 Shiftknob


LED Dome Light
LED Sun Visor Light
LED License Plate Light
2.5k Nokya High Beams
4.3k HID Fog lights
LED Trunk Light
LED Turn Signals
LED Reverse Light
LED Dash/Cluster Red Lights
LED DRL lights

Custom Sub Enclosure
12" Kicker Sub


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Get your votes in!!!

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Try it and keep us posted.
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