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Ex-IS300 owner here, I drive a Subaru now, but I still hang out around this forum quite a bit, so just wanted to share some of my experience.

Just had my car aligned at Roger Kraus Racing in Castro Valley this morning. Out of all the alignment places I have tried here in the Bayarea, this is probably my best experience.

I usually drive to LA to get my car worked on at Westend Alignment because of several bad experiences locally.

Due to time constraint and a busy schedule, I decided to give bayarea another try. Just by luck while googling, I came across Roger Kraus Racing, and read a lot of feedbacks from people on NSX, Miata, etc forums.

Roger Kraus is a local raceshop that also does alignments for a lot of racers from NASA, SCCA, etc ...

Showed up this morning, talked to Brandon Kraus (owner's son) a bit. Real friendly place, Brandon let me hang out to watch him work, and he loves to talk about car, and he answered all my questions cheerfully. I'm not a suspension guru, so I often will ask if I don't understand something, and he doesn't hesitate to teach.

Overall, my car just needed a simple alignment because the front is out of whack. Brandon did a good job, the car drives excellent, it's like night and day. Very happy with the experience.

He even apologized for finishing so fast, haha.

People say it is not a cheap place, but I feel you do get what you pay for. I will definitely return again for future services.

I just feel more people should know about this place.
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