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While reading the July issue of the magazine. I was caught by suprise with their Long-Term Test article describing the IS 300 performnace after 23K.Over all, the article praise the car's performance, fit and finish etc. However, they complaint about the high price of routine services and a problem that we all know about which they call it "abrupt shifting". It is ironic to read that they took the car to the dealer, and were told that they are "unaware of any similar problem with other IS 300s. It sometimes makes me wonder about these car magazines with all of their "connections" in the car industry, when they are taken for fools in that manner. As far as I know from my Cali brothers. Most of the dealears out there know about the problem to although many do not have the software at hand to say the least. I am sure that some of you guys may already had send a editorial letter to the R&T folks telling them to wake up and smell the ethanol. Things that makes you go Hummmm!!!
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