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Below is a photo (and short review) of my Lexus IS350 whereby the dashboard Infotainment unit was replaced using the Scosche Dash Replacement ( Part # ITCLS01B ) with an Alpine ILX-107 Apple Carplay Stereo.



  • My car is a 2007 Lexus IS350
  • The install was done by Al and Ed’s Auto in Lawndale/Hawthorne, California last April (i.e. April 2018)
  • The Scosche Dash replacement consists of a double din slot for the stereo , but comes with the LCD panel for climate controls and setting the Amp settings
  • The Scosche Dash unit only works for the Lexus IS options that DID NOT come with the Navigation System or the Marc Levinson audio system . Those units have back end electronics that are not compatible with the Schosche unit
  • The stereo I chose, as indicated in the title, is the Alpine ILX-107 that supports wired and wireless Carplay. I usually use wireless Carplay but for the wired Carplay, the installer ran the USB/lightening connection through the glove compartment .
  • All standard components nothing tailored made.
Quick Review:

  • I love the setup
  • I can control music, play list selection and volume through the factory steering wheel controls of my Lexus. I usually use those controls to set the volume .
  • The microphone for the Alpine ILX-107 is very good and Siri almost always hears me correctly. I typically rely on Siri to place my calls
  • The rear speaker response with this setup was a little weak compared to the factory setup. I found, however, if I set the Alpine unit to full forward speakers for the Alpine fader, the Scosche amplifier setting to near maximum, and the Scosche fader control to middle or R1, I get decent volume through the rear speakers. Strange setup, but that’s what worked for me.
  • For some reason, the fit with the vent grill is not perfect as you can see above . I also know depending on the Lexus IS year between 2006-2012 the size of the vent grill changed slightly .
  • One small issue I have, is the Scosche climate control LCD will sometimes delay turning on when I start the car if the interior of the car has gotten very hot while parked during summer months in the direct sun without a sun-shade or the like. As I understand it, this is by design in order to prevent damage to the Scosche LCD. The Alpine LCD never has this issue, however. The annoying thing with this Scosche LCD behavior is that the controls for operating the air conditioning are on the touch screen which is exactly what you need to use to cool the car down but you can’t since the LCD is off until cools.
  • The wireless and wired Apple Carplay performance with the Alpine ILX-107 has been near flawless with my iPhone X since upgrading from IOS 11 to IOS 12. Under IOS 11 , I experienced rather routine disconnects.

Overall: I am very happy with this dash replacement. This is a vast improvement over the original dash that I had with my 2007 Lexus IS 350 since the original dash is now quite dated.
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