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IPT Motorsports offers some great ways to dress up your IS300's interior by offering several different dash kit styles for the car. We were exceptionally interested in their real metal aluminum kit and obtained one for review.<P>

Upon first inspection of the neatly packed kit, we were pleasantly suprised to see the pieces were very thin. It is instantly noticeable that this is real metal, and not a "metal look" type of material. The cuts looked clean and accurate, and the adhesive backing was well applied.<P>

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We got right down to it and started with the A/C control piece. A perfect fit! We have had a lot of experience with competitor dash kits for the IS and other car makes. Never have we seen such a clean and perfect fit. We continued on an applied the radio piece, and once again a perfect fit. The kit comes with pieces to layover the cassete area as well, but we opted to leave those off for a contrasting look.<P>

Unfortunately the center A/C vent piece posed a problem, as we have an aftermarket JDM dash tray installed in our test car. The lip of the JDM tray sticks down a bit, and prohibited us from applying that piece. The dash kit material is thin enough to probably cut to fit, but we decided to leave it off.<P>

The side A/C vent rings are a great accent, as well as the trim around the instrument cluster. We proceded to apply a few more pieces on the center dash area then stopped. Personally we didn't want to achieve overkill with the aluminum look, but that is our own personal preferance. Rest assured, this kit looks great with all the pieces applied.<P>

Overall we give a hearty thumbs up to this kit. It has supurb quality, ease of installation and the fact that it is real metal just makes it that much more of an eye catcher.<P>
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