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Ok, we have to admit it. When we first caught word of this device our first comment was, "What the hell?". That is the reaction I still get to this day when I show people this thing. Although, it is usually followed by the comment, "Bad ass!"<P>

This module basically tricks out your headlight leveling control to allow for manual override. By splicing into the factory wiring under the dash, you can raise or lower your headlight beams by adjusting the small knobs on the module unit. The unit comes with easy to follow directions and intsall was a breeze even for a novice. Brad Smith, one of our site members, created the unit for fun. He is like most of us, just a guy that likes to make his IS300 different from the next. Brad runs, and his knowledge of electronics led him to the creation of this product.<P>

The controls for the unit are simple. There are 2 knobs which work in conjunction to raise the level up or down. A toggle switch activates the unit. When in the "on" position, the unit over rides the factory auto leveler and you may adjust the controls to your setting. When switched "off", the factory headlight level control resumes normal operation and control of your HID's. The small black box is mountable in several locations. We chose a handy spot that required no cutting or taping of the unit. It is in reach, yet visually out of the way to anyone but the driver. In my using the unit for a few weeks I have actually gotten a lot of use out of it. Raising the HID level a little higher than stock level seems much better than the factory default. It gives me that extra bit of distance I need for seeing down dark roads or lighting up street signs ahead. Leaving it any higher permanantly caused me to get flashed by a few people in oncoming traffic. Wonder what they thought when I flashed them back with my "true" highbeams? We have taken some video of this unit in action which should give most of you a better idea of what it is all about. We included outside the car video, and a driver's view of the unit in action.<P>

Overall this is a pretty nifty unit and quite an original idea. The ease of install definately adds to my thumbs up factor. I would reccomend it to anyone who is looking to add something unique to their car, and it is definately a bonus for people like me with night blindness. Having that slight increase up on the leveling has improved my visibility at night dramatically.
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