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I was driving to dinner in my Silver IS today and a guy driving a red Ferrari 348 pulled up beside me and looked not once but twice at my IS....
I pretended I didnt see him look, but what a great feeling it was.........
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was this somewhere in SoCal? ie around Ventura College area/Victoria? last week i was driving my SBM and see this older model but clean looking ferrari and when i pass him as he is in the turn lane i catch him staring out of the corner of my eye. he had a sweet car, he didn't look too young or too old, about late twenties early thirties asian with short hair. his exhaust didn't sound too good though, it popped a couple of times when he accelerated, bad air fuel mixture? i wouldnt mind having one of those.(ferrari not bad air fuel mixture)
It was in Toronto (Markham, Ontario)............and correction
it was a Red Ferrari 355......Not 348..
whoa. some guy in a 550 looked at my car today over in campbell. i wonder if he saw me drooling over his car? haha. i would have been down to trade that exact moment, sorry IS owners, but i know you would do the same. =P

hmm....a $35k car or a $100+k car? duhrrr,gee, i dunno. i'd take the ferrari and sell it then buy another IS and some cool toys (insurance for a 100k sports car's gotta cost as much as my monthly payment for the IS.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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