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Due to a sudden business trip to Washington DC, I got a chance to met a .net brother and attended the Taste of Lexus event this weekend.

The event is very well organized. Great food and massage ( I really need that after "packed" inside a delayed flight for 6 hours....

Compare to last year, the number of comparison cars are less this year. There are 3 driving areas

1) IS350, IS250AWD and BMW330i
2) GS300, GS300AWD, GS430, BMW530i, MB E500
3) RX400h, RX330, BMW X5 3.0, all the LX, ES330, SC430 and the Caddy SUV (forgot the name)

Here are some "action" photos by the local .net member on the IS350 today

Team Lexus also presents its IS300 race car, note they changed the front bumper to SportCross front bumper... Look nice...

Also, they relocated the oil filter to the front with a huge version of K&N High Flow Oil Filter...

I have uploaded all the photos this weekend while I am staying in the hotel. Click here to see more photos

In my opinion, the track that set for IS is not able to demostrate the full potential of the new IS. The new 2GR-FSE 3.5 definitely rev faster than our 2JZ-GE engine. However, I am not able to really get the feeling that the engine has 306 horses. I guess the engine has been tuned for a more silky smooth feeling. Also, the new steering system on IS350 gives me less road feel than our 1st gen IS. There is no doubt that the new generation IS has focus on the grand touring and luxury. No more young sportiness.

The interior is very well built and luxurious. The dash features one very shift warning indicator. I used the paddle shift and hold the car in 2nd gear while doing the test drive. If you use the manual shifting mode and rev the engine near the red zone, an inner red circle around the speedometer will lid up. If you reach the red, both tach and speedo inner circle will lid up. That's quite interesting

Due to all IS250 is AWD for testing, the 1 inch higher ground clearance really causes the car quite a bit of body roll (As you can see in the photos that I took during the event...)

Due to the track configuration, BMW 330i really shines with its max torque at 2xxx rpm and 100 lb lighter than the IS350... I really wonder if Lexus considers this or not.

Meanwhile, I got an opportunity to "enjoy" or "suffer" the VDIM feature.... While I was testing the GS430, they made a turn with constant water spraying on the road. After I enter the turn, I floored the car and tried to gun it out the turn. VDIM kicks in even before any skid occurs. VDIM cuts off the gas and the car just simply roll that corner...

All right... that's all for my short report....
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