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Originally posted by SophieSleeps:
Tell me how much you pay. My bro took a chunk out of mine, and I had a dream last night that I did the same.
I've checked out a couple of places and the price ranged from $100~$125. Mine is minor damage, the rim still holds air, the dent on the edge of the rim is about the size of the thumbnail.
I took the car in a local garage and the guy told me he can have it fix locally for about $65. The sad thing is, both tires (Bridgestone Potenza RE040) are cracked on the sidewall.The tire is $180 each plus valve, balance...etc. will cost about $200 each to replace. Ouch!! The local garage sold me a pair of the Falken Z rated tires for $110 each installed (Japanese made Anayway, I should have the wheels back on Thursday and I will let you know the result.
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