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Hi to everyone, I hope someone can help , i have a 2006 is220d and over Xmas I didn't use it for a week and when I went to get in the keyless entry wouldn't work , so firstly I bought a new fob battery but still no joy . I then opened the drivers door with the manual key got in and the alarm activated. I started it but the alarm kept going so I turned the engine off and went on a search of the internet hoping to solve it.
After a couple more days I tried if again and the car battery was flat so j took it off and charged it. I have now put it back on and the car started but does still not recognise the fob. The security led is flashing but the alarm is not sounding.
Does anyone have any suggestions? Will it need a new car battery before the fob is recognized, I'm totally stuck.
Thanks in advance.
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