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reliability of IS vs. 3 series

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In the lastest issue of Automobile magazine..their long term bmw 323i has 30,000 miles in one year and it was trouble free..and motor trend report that their long term bmw 328i was also trouble free..maybe the 3 series are as reliable as IS300 after all
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The 3 series is a great line up, but from what I hear from fellow 3 series owners, it has its share of problems. I know this first hand. I love my car regardless, but Ive had nothing BUT problems. Ive gone through 2 computers, 2 starter motors (one of which died with 100 miles on the odom) and had a lot of electrical "gremlins"; my favorites are the cool way the hazards lights shut on when I drive it hard, and the way the doors lock and unlock whenever they want to

On the upside, I have at least got to sample my favorite BMWs (the 740 and X5) as loaners

99 328i (with 70k miles)

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Yeah, mine used to do the same thing. I actually fixed that myself. That has to do with the brakelight assembly coming loose. It causes the bulb to burn at its highest intensity, making it look as if the brake is applied.
Maybe its a German thing, since my girl's old POS SLK used to do that.

99 328i

Originally posted by GOTTURBO:
My friend with his 2000 323ci has the problem of the tail lights getting bright red without him pressing on the brakes......i've seen this a lot of times on my BMW's......the dealer cant seem to replicate the problem........but everytime we go somewhere and i get behind him.....within a few minutes it seems like he is braking.......while he is going 80 on the freeway........funny stuff......
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