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reliability of IS vs. 3 series

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In the lastest issue of Automobile magazine..their long term bmw 323i has 30,000 miles in one year and it was trouble free..and motor trend report that their long term bmw 328i was also trouble free..maybe the 3 series are as reliable as IS300 after all
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Originally posted by ckolsen:
Uh, so this representative sample is taken from ONE car, for ONE year? I think the long-term tests are more for the purpose of seeing how people like the car after driving it for a while, not for reliability study. The sample of one car is basically meaningless. BMW's are just reliable enough that reliability is not an issue for buyers. Lexus is so reliable that is becomes a positive issue for buyers. The reverse is true for companies like VW, Volvo, or Saab.

I know how you feel about sample sizes of one car, but, I've gotta say, my Saab 900SE is a MUCH more reliable car than my 3 series BMW convertible ever was.
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