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I have gotten confirmation from a few dealers
that the release schedule for the IS300 will
work like this:

1> Dealers will receive their first
batch of IS300s (approx 2 to 15 cars
depending on the dealer) on June 15th.
2> They will then have an "intro party"
(typically a wine and cheese event)
on June 23rd to let everyone come and
see the cars.

Here is my guess as to what they will do
with "their cars" from June 15th to June 23rd:

1> Do the dealer prep and detail work
2> Let the dealers have a chance to drive
3> Maybe even sell some to wait list people.
4> Maybe let potential customers take a test drive.

It is up to your dealer what they will do,
but I thought you guys/gals might like to have
an idea what is in store for us next month.

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Our dealer called us about that, and said they would be getting them in like you said, and we could drive it probably in between that period. 15-23
Im at Lexus of Stevens Creek

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For you Canadians out there, I called my dealership today and they told me all Canadian dealerships will get their cars on June 19, all official pricing will be available in Canada 2-3days prior (expecting $40,700 base) and we will be able to test drive the car starting the 19th ...
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