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Refreshened Altezza

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Here's the link:


There are some pics in there of the new armrest and it doesn't look as if it's attached to the seat.

I'm sure once those are available, they'll be on national back order too, just like the TRAC ECU.
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Here are all the changes I noticed:

Cronograph Display is New:
- RPM in the Middle and MPH/Km/hr on the left
- Enlarged Digital Distance reading
- Extra Detail in the chronograph around the fuel gage, battery and miles per gallon gage .

-Arm rest and a more shallow cup holder.
-Interior Color tone is different no more copper color detail. Just Two tones.

Exterior: Spoiler is the same as the 2002 IS300 model. null

Brake Lights seem to have black housing. Optional maybe?.............
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Oh and the Grill is the same as the IS300 grill except for the Altezza Emblem.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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