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redlined my is300 today

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trying to change lanes and forgot to shift up to 2 for about 2-3 secs. Everything seems to be ok though.
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on my bmw it has a tiptronic tranny, and when i put it in M mode, i used to redline thru all the gears =X when racing anyway.. and ive had the car for years, not 1 tranny problem.. ive even had it checked out b/c i thought i might have bad wear on the tranny.. everything on the tranny is great, but im not sure how lexus trannys are.. on bmw's they have alot of safety things on them, to avoid u from actually hurting the tranny.. if at any point u do something wrong with the tranny it goes into what the tech said 'safe mode' which is like 3rd gear, to avoid u from hurting the tranny.. hopefully lexus has something like bmws so u know when you've done wrong..
P.S. when this did happen, all u had to do was turn the car off, then turn it back on and the tranny would back to normal, if it did stay in safe mode, then u know its time to take it to the dealer so they can reset it & find out whats up
i usally redlined when i was racing, to keep the RPM's up & get that 'churp' when switching into gears.. and believe it or not, on bmw's that M is no joke.. i swear its like a manual.. being that i had performance parts on my bmw (AC Schnitzer) i knew when to change gears on the bmw without payin attention to the rpms.. but in the lexus forget it.. that car is so damn quiet i got to keep looking down to see what the hell im doin lol.. the 'e-shift' option on the lexus is alot different from bmw's tiptronic.. b/c on bmws you use the shifter to actually switch through gears like a stick car, but on the lexus, you use those e-shift buttons.. its going to take sometime to get used to, but im all for it
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